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vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode Class Reference

#include <Modules/Loadable/Markups/MRML/vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode.h>

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Public Types

typedef vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode Superclass
- Public Types inherited from vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode
typedef vtkMRMLMarkupsStorageNode Superclass
- Public Types inherited from vtkMRMLMarkupsStorageNode
typedef vtkMRMLStorageNode Superclass
- Public Types inherited from vtkMRMLStorageNode
enum  {
  Idle, Pending, Scheduled, Transferring,
  TransferDone, Cancelled, SkippedNoData
enum  {
  CoordinateSystemRAS = 0, RAS = 0, CoordinateSystemLPS = 1, LPS = 1,
typedef vtkMRMLNode Superclass
- Public Types inherited from vtkMRMLNode
enum  {
  HierarchyModifiedEvent = 16000, IDChangedEvent = 16001, ReferenceAddedEvent, ReferenceModifiedEvent,
  ReferenceRemovedEvent, ReferencedNodeModifiedEvent
typedef vtkObject Superclass

Public Member Functions

bool CanReadInReferenceNode (vtkMRMLNode *refNode) override
vtkMRMLNodeCreateNodeInstance () override
 Create instance of the default node. Like New only virtual. More...
virtual const char * GetClassName ()
const char * GetNodeTagName () override
Get node XML tag name (like Storage, Model) More...
virtual int IsA (const char *type)
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode
vtkMRMLMarkupsNodeAddNewMarkupsNodeFromFile (const char *filePath, const char *nodeName=nullptr, int markupIndex=0)
 Read a markups node from a file. More...
void Copy (vtkMRMLNode *node) override
 Copy the node's attributes to this object. More...
void GetMarkupsTypesInFile (const char *filePath, std::vector< std::string > &outputMarkupsTypes)
void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent) override
void ReadXMLAttributes (const char **atts) override
 Read node attributes from XML file. More...
void WriteXML (ostream &of, int indent) override
 Write this node's information to a MRML file in XML format. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLMarkupsStorageNode
virtual int GetCoordinateSystem ()
std::string GetCoordinateSystemAsString ()
bool GetUseLPS ()
bool GetUseRAS ()
void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent) override
virtual void SetCoordinateSystem (int)
 Get/Set flag that controls if points are to be written in various coordinate systems. More...
void UseLPSOn ()
void UseRASOn ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLStorageNode
unsigned int AddFileName (const char *fileName)
Add in another file name to the list of file names More...
unsigned int AddURI (const char *uri)
Add in another URI to the list of URI's More...
virtual bool CanWriteFromReferenceNode (vtkMRMLNode *refNode)
virtual void ConfigureForDataExchange ()
int FileNameIsInList (const char *fileName)
const char * GetAbsoluteFilePath (const char *inputPath)
virtual std::string GetCompressionParameter ()
virtual std::string GetCompressionParameterFromDisplayName (const std::string &name)
 Returns a string representing the specified preset. More...
virtual std::vector< std::string > GetCompressionPresetDisplayNames ()
 Returns a list of displayable names of the supported compression presets. More...
virtual const std::vector< CompressionPresetGetCompressionPresets ()
 Get a list of all supported compression presets. More...
virtual const char * GetDefaultWriteFileExtension ()
Return default file extension for writing. More...
virtual std::string GetDisplayNameFromCompressionParameter (const std::string &preset)
 Returns the name of the specified preset. More...
virtual void GetFileExtensionsFromFileTypes (vtkStringArray *inputFileTypes, vtkStringArray *outputFileExtensions)
virtual char * GetFileName ()
std::string GetFileNameWithoutExtension (const char *fileName=nullptr)
std::string GetFullNameFromFileName ()
std::string GetFullNameFromNthFileName (int n)
const char * GetNthFileName (int n) const
return the nth file name, null if doesn't exist More...
const char * GetNthURI (int n)
Get the nth URI from the list of URI's More...
virtual int GetNumberOfCompressionPresets ()
 Get the number of compression presets. More...
int GetNumberOfFileNames () const
See how many file names were generated during ExecuteInformation More...
int GetNumberOfURIs ()
Return how many uri names this storage node holds in it's list More...
virtual int GetReadState ()
 Get/Set the state of reading. More...
const char * GetReadStateAsString ()
const char * GetStateAsString (int state)
virtual vtkMRMLStorableNodeGetStorableNode ()
vtkTimeStamp GetStoredTime ()
virtual std::string GetSupportedFileExtension (const char *fileName=nullptr, bool includeReadable=true, bool includeWriteable=true)
virtual vtkStringArray * GetSupportedReadFileTypes ()
virtual vtkStringArray * GetSupportedWriteFileTypes ()
virtual char * GetTempFileName ()
virtual char * GetURI ()
virtual vtkURIHandlerGetURIHandler ()
virtual int GetUseCompression ()
const vtkMRMLMessageCollectionGetUserMessages () const
vtkMRMLMessageCollectionGetUserMessages ()
virtual char * GetWriteFileFormat ()
virtual int GetWriteState ()
Get/Set the state of writing More...
const char * GetWriteStateAsString ()
void InvalidateFile ()
int IsFilePathRelative (const char *filepath)
void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent) override
void ProcessMRMLEvents (vtkObject *caller, unsigned long event, void *callData) override
Propagate Progress Event generated in ReadData More...
virtual int ReadData (vtkMRMLNode *refNode, bool temporaryFile=false)
void ResetFileNameList ()
Clear the array of file names More...
void ResetNthFileName (int n, const char *fileName)
Set the nth file in FileNameList, checks that it is already defined More...
void ResetNthURI (int n, const char *uri)
Set the nth uri in URIList, checks that it is already defined More...
void ResetURIList ()
Clear the array of URIs More...
virtual void SetCompressionParameter (std::string)
 Compression parameter that is used to save the node. More...
void SetDataDirectory (const char *dataDirName)
Set a new data directory for all files More...
virtual void SetDefaultWriteFileExtension (const char *ext)
virtual void SetFileName (const char *)
virtual void SetReadState (int)
void SetReadStateCancelled ()
void SetReadStateIdle ()
void SetReadStatePending ()
void SetReadStateScheduled ()
void SetReadStateSkippedNoData ()
void SetReadStateTransferDone ()
void SetReadStateTransferring ()
virtual void SetTempFileName (const char *)
A temporary file name used to calculate absolute paths More...
virtual void SetURI (const char *)
Location of the remote copy of this file. More...
virtual void SetURIHandler (vtkURIHandler *uriHandler)
void SetURIPrefix (const char *uriPrefix)
Set a new URI base for all URI's More...
virtual void SetUseCompression (int)
virtual void SetWriteFileFormat (const char *)
Allow to set specific file format that this node will write output. More...
virtual void SetWriteState (int)
void SetWriteStateCancelled ()
void SetWriteStateIdle ()
void SetWriteStatePending ()
void SetWriteStateScheduled ()
void SetWriteStateSkippedNoData ()
void SetWriteStateTransferDone ()
void SetWriteStateTransferring ()
virtual int SupportedFileType (const char *fileName)
virtual void UseCompressionOff ()
virtual void UseCompressionOn ()
Use compression on write More...
virtual int WriteData (vtkMRMLNode *refNode)
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLNode
vtkMRMLNodeAddAndObserveNodeReferenceID (const char *referenceRole, const char *referencedNodeID, vtkIntArray *events=nullptr)
 Add and observe a reference node from this node for a specific referenceRole. More...
vtkMRMLNodeAddNodeReferenceID (const char *referenceRole, const char *referencedNodeID)
 Convenience method that adds a referencedNodeID at the end of the list. More...
void AddNodeReferenceRole (const char *referenceRole, const char *mrmlAttributeName=nullptr, vtkIntArray *events=nullptr)
 Add a referenceRole. More...
virtual void AddToSceneOff ()
virtual void AddToSceneOn ()
virtual void CopyContent (vtkMRMLNode *node, bool deepCopy=true)
 Copy node contents from another node of the same type. Does not copy node ID, Scene, Name, SingletonTag, HideFromEditors, AddToScene, UndoEnabled, and node references. If deepCopy is set to false then a shallow copy of bulk data (such as image or mesh data) could be made; copying may be faster but the node may share some data with the source node instead of creating an independent copy. More...
virtual void CopyReferences (vtkMRMLNode *node)
 Copy the references of the node into this. More...
void CopyWithScene (vtkMRMLNode *node)
 Copy everything (including Scene and ID) from another node of the same type. More...
void DisableModifiedEventOff ()
void DisableModifiedEventOn ()
virtual int EndModify (int previousDisableModifiedEventState)
 End modifying the node. More...
virtual int GetAddToScene ()
 node added to MRML scene. More...
const char * GetAttribute (const char *name)
 Get value of a name value pair attribute. More...
std::vector< std::string > GetAttributeNames ()
 Get all attribute names. More...
void GetAttributeNames (vtkStringArray *attributeNames)
 Get all attribute names. Python-wrappable version. More...
virtual vtkIntArray * GetContentModifiedEvents ()
int GetCustomModifiedEventPending (int eventId)
virtual char * GetDescription ()
virtual int GetDisableModifiedEvent ()
 Turn on/off generating InvokeEvent for set macros. More...
virtual int GetHideFromEditors ()
 Describes if the node is hidden. More...
virtual char * GetID ()
 ID use by other nodes to reference this node in XML. More...
virtual int GetInMRMLCallbackFlag ()
 Flags to avoid event loops. More...
virtual int GetModifiedEventPending ()
virtual char * GetName ()
vtkMRMLNodeGetNodeReference (const char *referenceRole)
const char * GetNodeReferenceID (const char *referenceRole)
 Utility function that returns the first node id for a specific referenceRole. More...
void GetNodeReferenceIDs (const char *referenceRole, std::vector< const char *> &referencedNodeIDs)
 Return a list of the referenced node IDs. More...
void GetNodeReferenceRoles (std::vector< std::string > &roles)
void GetNodeReferences (const char *referenceRole, std::vector< vtkMRMLNode *> &nodes)
 Return a list of the referenced nodes. More...
vtkMRMLNodeGetNthNodeReference (const char *referenceRole, int n)
 Get referenced MRML node for a specific referenceRole. More...
const char * GetNthNodeReferenceID (const char *referenceRole, int n)
 Return the string of the Nth node ID for a specific reference role. More...
const char * GetNthNodeReferenceRole (int n)
int GetNumberOfNodeReferenceRoles ()
int GetNumberOfNodeReferences (const char *referenceRole)
 Return the number of node IDs for a specific reference role (and nodes as they always have the same size). More...
virtual int GetSaveWithScene ()
 Save node with MRML scene. More...
virtual vtkMRMLSceneGetScene ()
 Get the scene this node has been added to. More...
virtual int GetSelectable ()
 Describes if the node is selectable. More...
virtual int GetSelected ()
 Get/Set for Selected. More...
virtual char * GetSingletonTag ()
virtual const char * GetTypeDisplayName ()
virtual bool GetUndoEnabled ()
virtual bool HasCopyContent () const
 Returns true if the class supports deep and shallow copying node content. More...
bool HasNodeReferenceID (const char *referenceRole, const char *referencedNodeID)
 Return true if referencedNodeID is in the node ID list for a specific referenceRole. More...
virtual void HideFromEditorsOff ()
virtual void HideFromEditorsOn ()
virtual void InvokeCustomModifiedEvent (int eventId, void *callData=nullptr)
 This method allows the node to compress events. More...
virtual int InvokePendingModifiedEvent ()
 Invokes any modified events that are pending. More...
bool IsSingleton ()
void Modified () override
 Customized version of Modified() allowing to compress vtkCommand::ModifiedEvent. More...
virtual void OnNodeAddedToScene ()
void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent) override
virtual void ProcessChildNode (vtkMRMLNode *)
 Set dependencies between this node and a child node when parsing XML file. More...
void RemoveAttribute (const char *name)
 Remove attribute with the specified name. More...
void RemoveNodeReferenceIDs (const char *referenceRole)
 Remove all node IDs and associated nodes for a specific referenceRole. More...
void RemoveNthNodeReferenceID (const char *referenceRole, int n)
 Convenience method that removes the Nth node ID from the list. More...
virtual void Reset (vtkMRMLNode *defaultNode)
 Reset node attributes to the initial state as defined in the constructor or the passed default node. More...
virtual void SaveWithSceneOff ()
virtual void SaveWithSceneOn ()
virtual void SelectableOff ()
virtual void SelectableOn ()
virtual void SelectedOff ()
virtual void SelectedOn ()
virtual void SetAddToScene (int)
void SetAddToSceneNoModify (int value)
vtkMRMLNodeSetAndObserveNodeReferenceID (const char *referenceRole, const char *referencedNodeID, vtkIntArray *events=nullptr)
 Set and observe a reference node from this node for a specific referenceRole. More...
vtkMRMLNodeSetAndObserveNthNodeReferenceID (const char *referenceRole, int n, const char *referencedNodeID, vtkIntArray *events=nullptr)
 Set and observe the Nth node ID for a specific reference role. More...
void SetAttribute (const char *name, const char *value)
 Set a name value pair attribute. More...
virtual void SetDescription (const char *)
 Text description of this node, to be set by the user. More...
void SetDisableModifiedEvent (int onOff)
virtual void SetHideFromEditors (int)
void SetInMRMLCallbackFlag (int flag)
virtual void SetName (const char *)
 Name of this node, to be set by the user. More...
vtkMRMLNodeSetNodeReferenceID (const char *referenceRole, const char *referencedNodeID)
 Set a reference to a node with specified nodeID from this node for a specific referenceRole. More...
vtkMRMLNodeSetNthNodeReferenceID (const char *referenceRole, int n, const char *referencedNodeID)
 Set a N-th reference from this node with specified referencedNodeID for a specific referenceRole. More...
virtual void SetSaveWithScene (int)
virtual void SetScene (vtkMRMLScene *scene)
 This method is for internal use only. Use AddNode method of vtkMRMLScene to add a node to the scene. More...
virtual void SetSceneReferences ()
 Update the references of the node to the scene. More...
virtual void SetSelectable (int)
virtual void SetSelected (int)
void SetSingletonOff ()
void SetSingletonOn ()
virtual void SetSingletonTag (const char *)
 Tag that make this node a singleton in the scene. More...
virtual void SetUndoEnabled (bool)
virtual int StartModify ()
 Start modifying the node. Disable Modify events. More...
virtual void UndoEnabledOff ()
virtual void UndoEnabledOn ()
virtual void UpdateReferenceID (const char *oldID, const char *newID)
 Update the stored reference to another node in the scene. More...
virtual void UpdateReferences ()
 The method should remove all pointers and observations to all nodes that are not in the scene anymore. More...
virtual void UpdateScene (vtkMRMLScene *)
const char * URLDecodeString (const char *inString)
 Decode a URL string. More...
const char * URLEncodeString (const char *inString)
 Encode a URL string. More...
virtual void WriteNodeBodyXML (ostream &of, int indent)
 Write this node's body to a MRML file in XML format. More...
std::string XMLAttributeDecodeString (const std::string &inString)
 Decode an XML attribute string. More...
std::string XMLAttributeEncodeString (const std::string &inString)
 Encode an XML attribute string (replaces special characters by code sequences) More...

Static Public Member Functions

static int IsTypeOf (const char *type)
static vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNodeNew ()
static vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNodeSafeDownCast (vtkObject *o)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode
static int IsTypeOf (const char *type)
static vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNodeNew ()
static vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNodeSafeDownCast (vtkObject *o)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLMarkupsStorageNode
static const char * GetCoordinateSystemAsString (int id)
static int GetCoordinateSystemFromString (const char *name)
static int IsTypeOf (const char *type)
static vtkMRMLMarkupsStorageNodeSafeDownCast (vtkObject *o)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLStorageNode
static const char * GetCoordinateSystemTypeAsString (int id)
Convert between coordinate system ID and name More...
static int GetCoordinateSystemTypeFromString (const char *name)
static std::string GetLowercaseExtensionFromFileName (const std::string &filename)
static int IsTypeOf (const char *type)
static vtkMRMLStorageNodeSafeDownCast (vtkObject *o)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLNode
static int IsTypeOf (const char *type)
static vtkMRMLNodeSafeDownCast (vtkObject *o)

Protected Member Functions

void operator= (const vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode &)
 vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode ()
 vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode (const vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode &)
 ~vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode
void InitializeSupportedReadFileTypes () override
 Initialize all the supported write file types. More...
void InitializeSupportedWriteFileTypes () override
 Initialize all the supported write file types. More...
void operator= (const vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode &)
int ReadDataInternal (vtkMRMLNode *refNode) override
 Read data and set it in the referenced node. More...
 vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode ()
 vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode (const vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode &)
int WriteDataInternal (vtkMRMLNode *refNode) override
 Write data from a referenced node. More...
 ~vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLMarkupsStorageNode
void operator= (const vtkMRMLMarkupsStorageNode &)
 vtkMRMLMarkupsStorageNode ()
 vtkMRMLMarkupsStorageNode (const vtkMRMLMarkupsStorageNode &)
 ~vtkMRMLMarkupsStorageNode () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLStorageNode
void operator= (const vtkMRMLStorageNode &)
void StageReadData (vtkMRMLNode *refNode)
void StageWriteData (vtkMRMLNode *refNode)
virtual void UpdateCompressionPresets ()
 vtkMRMLStorageNode ()
 vtkMRMLStorageNode (const vtkMRMLStorageNode &)
 ~vtkMRMLStorageNode () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLNode
virtual const char * GetMRMLAttributeNameFromReferenceRole (const char *refRole)
 Return the mrml attribute name (if found) associated with a reference role. Return 0 otherwise. More...
virtual const char * GetReferenceRoleFromMRMLAttributeName (const char *attName)
 Return the reference role (if found) associated with the attribute name found in a MRML scene file. Return 0 otherwise. More...
virtual char * GetTempURLString ()
void GetUpdatedReferencedNodeEventList (int &oldReferencedNodeUseCount, int &newReferencedNodeUseCount, vtkIntArray *oldConsolidatedEventList, vtkIntArray *newConsolidatedEventList, vtkMRMLNode *oldReferencedNode, vtkMRMLNode *newReferencedNode, vtkMRMLNodeReference *referenceToIgnore, vtkIntArray *newEvents)
virtual void InvalidateNodeReferences ()
virtual bool IsReferenceRoleGeneric (const char *refRole)
 Return true if the reference role is generic (ends with '/') or false otherwise. More...
virtual void OnNodeReferenceAdded (vtkMRMLNodeReference *reference)
virtual void OnNodeReferenceModified (vtkMRMLNodeReference *reference)
 Called when a referenced node pointer is modified. More...
virtual void OnNodeReferenceRemoved (vtkMRMLNodeReference *reference)
 Called when a referenced node pointer is removed (set to nullptr). More...
void operator= (const vtkMRMLNode &)
void ParseReferencesAttribute (const char *attValue, std::set< std::string > &references)
void RemoveInvalidReferences (const std::set< std::string > &validNodeIDs)
virtual void SetTempURLString (const char *)
 Get/Set the string used to manage encoding/decoding of strings/URLs with special characters. More...
vtkMRMLNodeUpdateNodeReferenceEventObserver (vtkMRMLNode *oldReferencedNode, vtkMRMLNode *newReferencedNode, vtkIntArray *newEvents, vtkMRMLNodeReference *referenceToIgnore)
virtual void UpdateNodeReferences (const char *referenceRole=nullptr)
virtual void UpdateNthNodeReference (const char *referenceRole, int n)
 vtkMRMLNode ()
 vtkMRMLNode (const vtkMRMLNode &)
 ~vtkMRMLNode () override
 critical to have a virtual destructor! More...


class vtkInternalROI

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from vtkMRMLNode
typedef std::map< std::string, std::string > AttributesType
typedef std::map< std::string, vtkSmartPointer< vtkIntArray > > NodeReferenceEventsType
typedef std::vector< vtkSmartPointer< vtkMRMLNodeReference > > NodeReferenceListType
typedef std::map< std::string, NodeReferenceListTypeNodeReferencesType
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from vtkMRMLNode
static void MRMLCallback (vtkObject *caller, unsigned long eid, void *clientData, void *callData)
- Protected Attributes inherited from vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode
- Protected Attributes inherited from vtkMRMLStorageNode
std::string CompressionParameter
std::vector< CompressionPresetCompressionPresets
std::string DefaultWriteFileExtension
 List of supported extensions to write in. More...
char * FileName
std::vector< std::string > FileNameList
An array of file names, should contain the FileName but may not More...
vtkWeakPointer< vtkMRMLStorableNodeLastFoundStorableNode
int ReadState
vtkTimeStamp * StoredTime
vtkStringArray * SupportedReadFileTypes
 List of supported extensions to read in. More...
vtkStringArray * SupportedWriteFileTypes
char * TempFileName
char * URI
std::vector< std::string > URIList
An array of URI's, should contain the URI but may not More...
int UseCompression
char * WriteFileFormat
int WriteState
- Protected Attributes inherited from vtkMRMLNode
int AddToScene {1}
AttributesType Attributes
vtkIntArray * ContentModifiedEvents
char * Description {nullptr}
int HideFromEditors {0}
char * ID {nullptr}
int InMRMLCallbackFlag {0}
Flag to avoid event loops More...
vtkCallbackCommand * MRMLCallbackCommand
 Holders for MRML callbacks. More...
char * Name {nullptr}
NodeReferenceEventsType NodeReferenceEvents
std::map< std::string, std::string > NodeReferenceMRMLAttributeNames
NodeReferencesType NodeReferences
int SaveWithScene {true}
vtkWeakPointer< vtkMRMLSceneScene
int Selectable {1}
int Selected {0}
bool UndoEnabled {false}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass

Definition at line 42 of file vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode() [1/2]

vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode::vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode ( )

◆ ~vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode()

vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode::~vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode ( )

◆ vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode() [2/2]

vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode::vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode ( const vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CanReadInReferenceNode()

bool vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode::CanReadInReferenceNode ( vtkMRMLNode refNode)

Return true if the node can be read in. Used by ReadData to know if the file can be read into the reference node. Subclasses must reimplement the method. Typically it's a check on the node type (e.g. the model storage node can only read in model nodes)

See also
CanWriteFromReferenceNode, ReadData

Reimplemented from vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode.

◆ CreateNodeInstance()

vtkMRMLNode* vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode::CreateNodeInstance ( )

Create instance of the default node. Like New only virtual.

Subclasses should implement this method

Reimplemented from vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode.

◆ GetClassName()

virtual const char* vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode::GetClassName ( )

Reimplemented from vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode.

◆ GetNodeTagName()

const char* vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode::GetNodeTagName ( )

Get node XML tag name (like Storage, Model)

Reimplemented from vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode.

Definition at line 48 of file vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode.h.

◆ IsA()

virtual int vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode::IsA ( const char *  type)

Reimplemented from vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode.

◆ IsTypeOf()

static int vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode::IsTypeOf ( const char *  type)

◆ New()

static vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode* vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode::New ( )

◆ operator=()

void vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode::operator= ( const vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode )

◆ SafeDownCast()

static vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode* vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode::SafeDownCast ( vtkObject *  o)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ vtkInternalROI

friend class vtkInternalROI

Definition at line 58 of file vtkMRMLMarkupsROIJsonStorageNode.h.

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