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itk Namespace Reference

Simplified inverse ITK transforms. More...




class  ConstrainedValueMultiplicationImageFilter
 Implements pixel-wise the computation of constrained value addition. More...
class  DiffusionTensor3DAbsCorrectionFilter
 Computes pixel-wise the absolute value of the diffusion tensor eigenvalues. More...
class  DiffusionTensor3DAffineTransform
class  DiffusionTensor3DBSplineInterpolateImageFunction
class  DiffusionTensor3DExtended
class  DiffusionTensor3DFSAffineTransform
class  DiffusionTensor3DInterpolateImageFunction
class  DiffusionTensor3DInterpolateImageFunctionReimplementation
class  DiffusionTensor3DLinearInterpolateFunction
class  DiffusionTensor3DMatrix3x3Transform
class  DiffusionTensor3DNearestCorrectionFilter
class  DiffusionTensor3DNearestNeighborInterpolateFunction
class  DiffusionTensor3DNonRigidTransform
class  DiffusionTensor3DPPDAffineTransform
class  DiffusionTensor3DRead
class  DiffusionTensor3DResample
class  DiffusionTensor3DRigidTransform
class  DiffusionTensor3DTransform
class  DiffusionTensor3DWindowedSincInterpolateImageFunction
class  DiffusionTensor3DWrite
class  DiffusionTensor3DZeroCorrectionFilter
class  HFieldToDeformationFieldImageFilter
 Computes the Mean Diffusivity for every pixel of a input tensor image. More...
class  InverseBSplineDeformableTransform
class  InverseBSplineTransform
class  InverseDisplacementFieldTransform
class  InverseThinPlateSplineKernelTransform
class  LevelTracingImageFilter
 Trace a level curve/surface given a seed point on the level curve/surface. More...
class  MatrixExtended
class  MRMLIDImageIO
 ImageIO object for reading and writing imaegs from a MRML scene. More...
class  MRMLIDImageIOFactory
 Create instances of MRMLIDImageIO objects using an object factory. More...
class  PluginFilterWatcher
 Simple mechanism for monitoring the pipeline events of a filter and reporting these events to std::cout. Formats reports with xml. More...
class  SeparateComponentsOfADiffusionTensorImage
class  TransformDeformationFieldFilter
class  WarpTransform3D


template<class T >
void AlignVolumeCenters (T *fixed, T *moving, typename T::PointType &origin)
void GetImageType (std::string fileName, ImageIOBase::IOPixelType &pixelType, ImageIOBase::IOComponentType &componentType)
 Get the PixelType and ComponentType from fileName. More...
void GetImageTypes (std::vector< std::string > fileNames, std::vector< ImageIOBase::IOPixelType > &pixelTypes, std::vector< ImageIOBase::IOComponentType > &componentTypes)
 Get the PixelTypes and ComponentTypes from fileNames. More...
itkConceptMacro (OutputEqualityComparableCheck, *(Concept::EqualityComparable< OutputImagePixelType >))
itkConceptMacro (InputEqualityComparableCheck, *(Concept::EqualityComparable< InputImagePixelType >))
itkConceptMacro (SameDimensionCheck, *(Concept::SameDimension< InputImageDimension, OutputImageDimension >))
itkConceptMacro (IntConvertibleToInputCheck, *(Concept::Convertible< int, InputImagePixelType >))
itkConceptMacro (OutputOStreamWritableCheck, *(Concept::OStreamWritable< OutputImagePixelType >))
ITKFactoryRegistration_EXPORT void itkFactoryRegistration ()

Detailed Description

Simplified inverse ITK transforms.

These are simple implementatations of ITK inverse transforms that cannot actually compute any transformations, but only store all transform parameters. This is used for reading/writing transformToParent (resampling transform), even if only if its inverse (transformFromParent) is known. Eventually ITK may support inverse transforms, then these classes can be replaced by those ITK classes.

vtkITKNumericTraits - Extra itk::NumericTraits instantiations for VTK

vtkITKNumericTraits provides extra instantiations for itk::NumericTraits for VTK scalar types.

Function Documentation

◆ AlignVolumeCenters()

template<class T >
void itk::AlignVolumeCenters ( T *  fixed,
T *  moving,
typename T::PointType &  origin 

Definition at line 57 of file itkPluginUtilities.h.

◆ GetImageType()

void itk::GetImageType ( std::string  fileName,
ImageIOBase::IOPixelType &  pixelType,
ImageIOBase::IOComponentType &  componentType 

Get the PixelType and ComponentType from fileName.

Definition at line 18 of file itkPluginUtilities.h.

◆ GetImageTypes()

void itk::GetImageTypes ( std::vector< std::string >  fileNames,
std::vector< ImageIOBase::IOPixelType > &  pixelTypes,
std::vector< ImageIOBase::IOComponentType > &  componentTypes 

Get the PixelTypes and ComponentTypes from fileNames.

Definition at line 34 of file itkPluginUtilities.h.

◆ itkConceptMacro() [1/5]

* itk::itkConceptMacro ( OutputEqualityComparableCheck  ,
Concept::EqualityComparable< OutputImagePixelType > 

/** Begin concept checking

◆ itkConceptMacro() [2/5]

* itk::itkConceptMacro ( InputEqualityComparableCheck  ,
Concept::EqualityComparable< InputImagePixelType > 

◆ itkConceptMacro() [3/5]

* itk::itkConceptMacro ( SameDimensionCheck  ,
Concept::SameDimension< InputImageDimension, OutputImageDimension > 

◆ itkConceptMacro() [4/5]

* itk::itkConceptMacro ( IntConvertibleToInputCheck  ,
Concept::Convertible< int, InputImagePixelType > 

◆ itkConceptMacro() [5/5]

* itk::itkConceptMacro ( OutputOStreamWritableCheck  ,
Concept::OStreamWritable< OutputImagePixelType > 

◆ itkFactoryRegistration()

ITKFactoryRegistration_EXPORT void itk::itkFactoryRegistration ( )