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qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget Class Reference

#include <Libs/MRML/Widgets/qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget.h>

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Public Types

typedef qMRMLWidget Superclass
 Constructors. More...
- Public Types inherited from qMRMLWidget
typedef QWidget Superclass


vtkMRMLDisplayNode::ScalarRangeFlagType scalarRangeMode

Public Slots

void setActiveScalarName (const QString &)
void setMaximumValue (double max)
void setMinimumValue (double min)
 Set min/max of scalar range. More...
void setMRMLDisplayNode (vtkMRMLDisplayNode *node)
 Set the one display node. More...
void setMRMLDisplayNode (vtkMRMLNode *node)
 Utility function to be connected with generic signals. More...
void setMRMLDisplayNodes (QList< vtkMRMLDisplayNode *> displayNodes)
void setScalarRangeMode (int scalarRangeMode)
 Set Auto/Manual mode. More...
void setScalarsColorNode (vtkMRMLNode *)
void setScalarsColorNode (vtkMRMLColorNode *)
void setScalarsDisplayRange (double min, double max)
void setScalarsVisibility (bool)
void setThresholdRange (double min, double max)
void setTresholdEnabled (bool b)
- Public Slots inherited from qMRMLWidget
virtual void setMRMLScene (vtkMRMLScene *newScene)
 Set the MRML scene associated with the widget. More...


void displayNodeChanged ()
 Signal sent if the any property in the display node is changed. More...
void scalarRangeModeValueChanged (vtkMRMLDisplayNode::ScalarRangeFlagType mode)
 Signal sent if the auto/manual value is updated. More...
- Signals inherited from qMRMLWidget
void mrmlSceneChanged (vtkMRMLScene *)

Public Member Functions

QString activeScalarName () const
double maximumValue () const
 Get maximum of the scalar display range. More...
double minimumValue () const
 Get minimum of the scalar display range. More...
vtkMRMLDisplayNodemrmlDisplayNode () const
 Get the (first) current display node. More...
QList< vtkMRMLDisplayNode * > mrmlDisplayNodes () const
 qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget (QWidget *parentWidget=nullptr)
vtkMRMLDisplayNode::ScalarRangeFlagType scalarRangeMode () const
vtkMRMLColorNodescalarsColorNode () const
bool scalarsVisibility () const
void setScalarRangeMode (vtkMRMLDisplayNode::ScalarRangeFlagType mode)
 Set scalar range mode. More...
 ~qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from qMRMLWidget
Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLScenemrmlScene () const
 Return a pointer on the current MRML scene. More...
 qMRMLWidget (QWidget *parent=nullptr, Qt::WindowFlags f=Qt::WindowFlags())
 ~qMRMLWidget () override

Protected Slots

void onCurrentArrayActivated ()
 Set active scalar when the user changes selection. More...
void updateWidgetFromMRML ()
 Update the widget from volume display node properties. More...

Protected Attributes

QScopedPointer< qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidgetPrivate > d_ptr
- Protected Attributes inherited from qMRMLWidget
QScopedPointer< qMRMLWidgetPrivate > d_ptr


class qMRMLMarkupsDisplayNodeWidget
class qMRMLModelDisplayNodeWidget

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from qMRMLWidget
static Q_INVOKABLE QPixmap pixmapFromIcon (const QIcon &icon)
static Q_INVOKABLE void postInitializeApplication ()
 Initialization that needs to be performed after application object is created. More...
static Q_INVOKABLE void preInitializeApplication ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass


Definition at line 44 of file qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget.h.

Property Documentation

◆ scalarRangeMode

vtkMRMLDisplayNode::ScalarRangeFlagType qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::scalarRangeMode

Definition at line 40 of file qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget()

qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget ( QWidget *  parentWidget = nullptr)

◆ ~qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget()

qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::~qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ activeScalarName()

QString qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::activeScalarName ( ) const

◆ displayNodeChanged

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::displayNodeChanged ( )

Signal sent if the any property in the display node is changed.

◆ maximumValue()

double qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::maximumValue ( ) const

Get maximum of the scalar display range.

◆ minimumValue()

double qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::minimumValue ( ) const

Get minimum of the scalar display range.

◆ mrmlDisplayNode()

vtkMRMLDisplayNode* qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::mrmlDisplayNode ( ) const

Get the (first) current display node.

◆ mrmlDisplayNodes()

QList<vtkMRMLDisplayNode*> qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::mrmlDisplayNodes ( ) const

Get current display nodes. This is for supporting changing properties in case of multiple nodes are selected (e.g., in subject hierarchy folders).

◆ onCurrentArrayActivated

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::onCurrentArrayActivated ( )

Set active scalar when the user changes selection.

◆ scalarRangeMode()

vtkMRMLDisplayNode::ScalarRangeFlagType qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::scalarRangeMode ( ) const

◆ scalarRangeModeValueChanged

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::scalarRangeModeValueChanged ( vtkMRMLDisplayNode::ScalarRangeFlagType  mode)

Signal sent if the auto/manual value is updated.

◆ scalarsColorNode()

vtkMRMLColorNode* qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::scalarsColorNode ( ) const

◆ scalarsVisibility()

bool qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::scalarsVisibility ( ) const

◆ setActiveScalarName

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setActiveScalarName ( const QString &  )

◆ setMaximumValue

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setMaximumValue ( double  max)

◆ setMinimumValue

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setMinimumValue ( double  min)

Set min/max of scalar range.

◆ setMRMLDisplayNode [1/2]

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setMRMLDisplayNode ( vtkMRMLDisplayNode node)

Set the one display node.

◆ setMRMLDisplayNode [2/2]

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setMRMLDisplayNode ( vtkMRMLNode node)

Utility function to be connected with generic signals.

◆ setMRMLDisplayNodes

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setMRMLDisplayNodes ( QList< vtkMRMLDisplayNode *>  displayNodes)

Set the current display nodes if more are managed. In case of multi-selection, the first item's display properties are displayed in the widget, but the changed settings are applied on all selected items if applicable.

◆ setScalarRangeMode() [1/2]

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setScalarRangeMode ( vtkMRMLDisplayNode::ScalarRangeFlagType  mode)

Set scalar range mode.

◆ setScalarRangeMode [2/2]

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setScalarRangeMode ( int  scalarRangeMode)

Set Auto/Manual mode.

◆ setScalarsColorNode [1/2]

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setScalarsColorNode ( vtkMRMLNode )

◆ setScalarsColorNode [2/2]

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setScalarsColorNode ( vtkMRMLColorNode )

◆ setScalarsDisplayRange

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setScalarsDisplayRange ( double  min,
double  max 

◆ setScalarsVisibility

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setScalarsVisibility ( bool  )

◆ setThresholdRange

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setThresholdRange ( double  min,
double  max 

◆ setTresholdEnabled

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::setTresholdEnabled ( bool  b)

◆ updateWidgetFromMRML

void qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::updateWidgetFromMRML ( )

Update the widget from volume display node properties.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ qMRMLMarkupsDisplayNodeWidget

friend class qMRMLMarkupsDisplayNodeWidget

Definition at line 114 of file qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget.h.

◆ qMRMLModelDisplayNodeWidget

friend class qMRMLModelDisplayNodeWidget

Definition at line 113 of file qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ d_ptr

QScopedPointer<qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidgetPrivate> qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget::d_ptr

Definition at line 108 of file qMRMLScalarsDisplayWidget.h.

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