Slicer  5.3
Slicer is a multi-platform, free and open source software package for visualization and medical image computing
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qSlicerApplication Class Reference

#include <Base/QTGUI/qSlicerApplication.h>

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Public Types

typedef qSlicerCoreApplication Superclass
- Public Types inherited from qSlicerCoreApplication
enum  ApplicationAttribute { AA_DisablePython = 1000, AA_EnableTesting }
enum  ReturnCode { ExitNotRequested = -1, ExitSuccess = EXIT_SUCCESS, ExitFailure = EXIT_FAILURE }
typedef QApplication Superclass

Public Slots

void confirmRestart (QString reason=QString())
QString currentLogFile () const
bool launchDesigner (const QStringList &args=QStringList())
bool loadFiles (const QStringList &filePaths, vtkMRMLMessageCollection *userMessages=nullptr) override
 Override the qSlicerCoreApplication implementation to also show error messages in a popup window. More...
int numberOfRecentLogFilesToKeep ()
 Number of recent log files to keep. Older log files are deleted automatically. More...
void openNodeModule (vtkMRMLNode *node, QString role=QString(), QString context=QString())
void pauseRender () override
QStringList recentLogFiles ()
 Paths of recent log files. More...
void resumeRender () override
void setHasBorderInFullScreen (bool)
void setRenderPaused (bool pause) override
- Public Slots inherited from qSlicerCoreApplication
static void restart ()
virtual void setRenderPaused (bool pause)
bool unregisterResource (int handle)


void renderPaused (bool)
void startupCompleted ()
- Signals inherited from qSlicerCoreApplication
void invokeEventRequested (unsigned int delay, void *caller, unsigned long event, void *callData)
void mrmlSceneChanged (vtkMRMLScene *mrmlScene)
void urlReceived (QString url)

Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE qSlicerCommandOptionscommandOptions () const
 Get commandOptions. More...
Q_INVOKABLE qSlicerIOManagerioManager ()
 Get IO Manager. More...
Q_INVOKABLE qSlicerLayoutManagerlayoutManager () const
 Set/Get layout manager. More...
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void logApplicationInformation () const
QMainWindow * mainWindow () const
 Return a pointer on the main window of the application if any. More...
QString nodeModule (vtkMRMLNode *node, double *confidence=nullptr) const
bool notify (QObject *receiver, QEvent *event) override
Q_INVOKABLE void openSettingsDialog (const QString &settingsPanel=QString())
 qSlicerApplication (int &argc, char **argv)
Q_INVOKABLE void setLayoutManager (qSlicerLayoutManager *layoutManager)
Q_INVOKABLE ctkSettingsDialog * settingsDialog () const
void setToolTipsEnabled (bool enable)
 Enable/Disable tooltips. More...
 ~qSlicerApplication () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from qSlicerCoreApplication
virtual QString acknowledgment () const
 Return the acknowledgment text of Slicer. More...
Q_INVOKABLE void addModuleAssociatedNodeType (const QString &nodeClassName, const QString &moduleName)
Q_INVOKABLE QStringList allModuleAssociatedNodeTypes () const
 List of all node types that are associated with any module. More...
Q_INVOKABLE void appendEnvironmentVariable (const QString &key, const QString &value, QChar separator=';')
Q_INVOKABLE vtkSlicerApplicationLogicapplicationLogic () const
 Get application logic. More...
QString arch () const
QString cachePath () const
virtual QString copyrights () const
 Return the copyrights of Slicer. More...
qSlicerCoreCommandOptionscoreCommandOptions () const
 Get coreCommandOptions. More...
Q_INVOKABLE qSlicerCoreIOManagercoreIOManager () const
 Get the IO manager. More...
QString defaultCachePath () const
QString defaultExtensionsInstallPath () const
 Get slicer default extensions path. More...
QString defaultScenePath () const
Q_INVOKABLE QSettings * defaultSettings () const
QString defaultTemporaryPath () const
 Get slicer default temporary directory. More...
QString documentationBaseUrl () const
QString documentationLanguage () const
QString documentationVersion () const
Q_INVOKABLE QProcessEnvironment environment () const
 Returns the current environment. More...
Q_INVOKABLE ctkErrorLogAbstractModel * errorLogModel () const
 Get errorLogModel. More...
QString extensionsInstallPath () const
 Get slicer extension directory. More...
QString intDir () const
bool isCustomMainApplication () const
 Return if main application is custom application (not Slicer). More...
bool isEmbeddedModule (const QString &moduleFileName) const
Q_INVOKABLE bool isEnvironmentVariableValueSet (const QString &key, const QString &value)
 Returns True if environment variable identified by key is set to value. More...
bool isInstalled () const
 Return true is this instance of Slicer is running from an installed directory. More...
QString launcherExecutableFilePath () const
 If any, return slicer launcher executable file path. More...
QString launcherRevisionSpecificUserSettingsFilePath () const
 If any, return slicer user settings file path specific to a given revision of Slicer. More...
QString launcherSettingsFilePath () const
 If any, return slicer launcher settings file path. More...
virtual QString libraries () const
 Return the libraries of Slicer. More...
virtual bool loadFiles (const QStringList &filePaths, vtkMRMLMessageCollection *userMessages=nullptr)
int mainApplicationMajorVersion () const
int mainApplicationMinorVersion () const
QString mainApplicationName () const
 Return the name of the main application. More...
int mainApplicationPatchVersion () const
QString mainApplicationRepositoryRevision () const
QString mainApplicationRepositoryUrl () const
QString mainApplicationRevision () const
int majorVersion () const
 Return the Slicer major version number. More...
int minorVersion () const
 Return the Slicer minor version number. More...
Q_INVOKABLE QString moduleDocumentationUrl (const QString &moduleName) const
Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLAbstractLogicmoduleLogic (const QString &moduleName) const
Q_INVOKABLE qSlicerModuleManagermoduleManager () const
 Get the module manager. More...
Q_INVOKABLE QStringList modulesAssociatedWithNodeType (const QString &nodeClassName) const
 List of all modules that are associated with the specified node type. More...
Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLScenemrmlScene () const
 Get MRML Scene. More...
virtual void openUrl (const QString &url)
QString os () const
void parseArguments (bool &exitWhenDone)
virtual void pauseRender ()
QString platform () const
Q_INVOKABLE void prependEnvironmentVariable (const QString &key, const QString &value, QChar separator=';')
 qSlicerCoreApplication (int &argc, char **argv)
Q_INVOKABLE int registerResource (const QByteArray &data)
QString releaseType () const
 Return the release type of this instance of Slicer. More...
Q_INVOKABLE void removeModuleAssociatedNodeType (const QString &nodeClassName, const QString &moduleName)
 Remove association between a module and a node type. More...
QString repositoryBranch () const
QString repositoryRevision () const
QString repositoryUrl () const
virtual void resumeRender ()
int returnCode () const
QString revision () const
 Return Slicer's user-friendly revision identifier. More...
Q_INVOKABLE QSettings * revisionUserSettings () const
void setCachePath (const QString &path)
void setCoreCommandOptions (qSlicerCoreCommandOptions *options)
void setCoreIOManager (qSlicerCoreIOManager *ioManager)
void setDefaultScenePath (const QString &path)
 Set default slicer scene directory. More...
Q_INVOKABLE void setEnvironmentVariable (const QString &key, const QString &value)
 Convenient function to set an environment variable. More...
void setExtensionsInstallPath (const QString &path)
 Set slicer extension directory. More...
void setTemporaryPath (const QString &path)
 Set slicer temporary directory. More...
Q_INVOKABLE QSettings * settings () const
Q_INVOKABLE void showConsoleMessage (QString message, bool error=true) const
QString slicerDefaultSettingsFilePath () const
QString slicerHome () const
QString slicerRevisionUserSettingsFilePath () const
QString slicerSharePath () const
QString slicerUserSettingsFilePath () const
Q_INVOKABLE QProcessEnvironment startupEnvironment () const
 Returns the environment without the Slicer specific values. More...
QString startupWorkingPath () const
 Current working directory at the time the application was started. More...
QString temporaryPath () const
 Get slicer temporary directory. More...
Q_INVOKABLE QString toSlicerHomeAbsolutePath (const QString &path) const
Q_INVOKABLE QStringList toSlicerHomeAbsolutePaths (const QStringList &path) const
Q_INVOKABLE QString toSlicerHomeRelativePath (const QString &path) const
Q_INVOKABLE QStringList toSlicerHomeRelativePaths (const QStringList &path) const
Q_INVOKABLE QSettings * userSettings () const
 ~qSlicerCoreApplication () override

Static Public Member Functions

static qSlicerApplicationapplication ()
 Return a reference to the application singleton. More...
static Q_INVOKABLE bool isCodePageUtf8 ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from qSlicerCoreApplication
static qSlicerCoreApplicationapplication ()
static Q_INVOKABLE QString caCertificatesPath (const QString &slicerHome)
static int exec ()
static Q_INVOKABLE bool loadCaCertificates (const QString &slicerHome)
static Q_INVOKABLE void loadLanguage ()
static Q_INVOKABLE void loadTranslations (const QString &dir)
static void setAttribute (qSlicerCoreApplication::ApplicationAttribute attribute, bool on=true)
static bool testAttribute (qSlicerCoreApplication::ApplicationAttribute attribute)
static Q_INVOKABLE QStringList translationFolders ()
 Return list of folders where the application looks for translations (*.qm files) More...

Protected Slots

void editNode (vtkObject *, void *, unsigned long) override
 Request editing of a MRML node. More...
- Protected Slots inherited from qSlicerCoreApplication
virtual void editNode (vtkObject *, void *, unsigned long)
void onSlicerApplicationLogicRequest (vtkObject *, void *, unsigned long)
virtual void onUserInformationModified ()
void processAppLogicModified ()
void processAppLogicReadData ()
void processAppLogicWriteData ()

Protected Member Functions

void handleCommandLineArguments () override
void handlePreApplicationCommandLineArguments () override
 Reimplemented from qSlicerCoreApplication. More...
void onSlicerApplicationLogicModified () override
void setupFileLogging ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from qSlicerCoreApplication
void invokeEvent ()
virtual void onAboutToQuit ()
 Perform application cleanup following a call to QCoreApplication::exit(). More...
 qSlicerCoreApplication (qSlicerCoreApplicationPrivate *pimpl, int &argc, char **argv)
void requestInvokeEvent (vtkObject *caller, void *callData)
void scheduleInvokeEvent (unsigned int delay, void *caller, unsigned long event, void *callData)
virtual void setMRMLScene (vtkMRMLScene *scene)
void terminate (int exitCode=qSlicerCoreApplication::ExitSuccess)
 Set the ReturnCode flag and call QCoreApplication::exit() More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from qSlicerCoreApplication
QString arch
QString cachePath
QString defaultScenePath
QString documentationBaseUrl
QString documentationLanguage
QString documentationVersion
QString extensionsInstallPath
QString intDir
bool isCustomMainApplication
bool isInstalled
QString launcherExecutableFilePath
QString launcherSettingsFilePath
int mainApplicationMajorVersion
int mainApplicationMinorVersion
QString mainApplicationName
int mainApplicationPatchVersion
QString mainApplicationRepositoryRevision
QString mainApplicationRepositoryUrl
QString mainApplicationRevision
int majorVersion
int minorVersion
QString os
QString platform
QString releaseType
QString repositoryBranch
QString repositoryRevision
QString repositoryUrl
QString revision
QString slicerDefaultSettingsFilePath
QString slicerHome
QString slicerRevisionUserSettingsFilePath
QString slicerSharePath
QString slicerUserSettingsFilePath
QString startupWorkingPath
QString temporaryPath
- Protected Attributes inherited from qSlicerCoreApplication
QScopedPointer< qSlicerCoreApplicationPrivate > d_ptr

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass

Definition at line 65 of file qSlicerApplication.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ qSlicerApplication()

qSlicerApplication::qSlicerApplication ( int &  argc,
char **  argv 

◆ ~qSlicerApplication()

qSlicerApplication::~qSlicerApplication ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ application()

static qSlicerApplication* qSlicerApplication::application ( )

Return a reference to the application singleton.

◆ commandOptions()

Q_INVOKABLE qSlicerCommandOptions* qSlicerApplication::commandOptions ( ) const

Get commandOptions.

◆ confirmRestart

void qSlicerApplication::confirmRestart ( QString  reason = QString())

Popup a dialog asking the user if the application should be restarted. If no reason is given, the text will default to ""Are you sure you want to restart?"

◆ currentLogFile

QString qSlicerApplication::currentLogFile ( ) const

Path of the current log file

See also
recentLogFiles(), setupFileLogging()

◆ editNode

void qSlicerApplication::editNode ( vtkObject *  ,
void *  ,
unsigned  long 

Request editing of a MRML node.

◆ handleCommandLineArguments()

void qSlicerApplication::handleCommandLineArguments ( )

Process command line arguments atfer the application event loop is started.

See also

Reimplemented from qSlicerCoreApplication.

◆ handlePreApplicationCommandLineArguments()

void qSlicerApplication::handlePreApplicationCommandLineArguments ( )

Reimplemented from qSlicerCoreApplication.

Reimplemented from qSlicerCoreApplication.

◆ ioManager()

Q_INVOKABLE qSlicerIOManager* qSlicerApplication::ioManager ( )

Get IO Manager.

◆ isCodePageUtf8()

static Q_INVOKABLE bool qSlicerApplication::isCodePageUtf8 ( )

Return true if process code page is UTF-8. It is true for all MacOS and Linux versions and for Windows version 1903 (May 2019 Update) or later.

◆ launchDesigner

bool qSlicerApplication::launchDesigner ( const QStringList &  args = QStringList())

Launch Qt Designer application (bundled with the application). If uiFile argument is specified then designer loads that UI file on startup.

◆ layoutManager()

Q_INVOKABLE qSlicerLayoutManager* qSlicerApplication::layoutManager ( ) const

Set/Get layout manager.

◆ loadFiles

bool qSlicerApplication::loadFiles ( const QStringList &  filePaths,
vtkMRMLMessageCollection userMessages = nullptr 

Override the qSlicerCoreApplication implementation to also show error messages in a popup window.

◆ logApplicationInformation()

virtual Q_INVOKABLE void qSlicerApplication::logApplicationInformation ( ) const

Log application information.

This function will log the following details:

  • Session start time
  • Slicer version
  • Operating system
  • Memory
  • CPU
  • Developer mode enabled
  • Additional module paths
Starting the application with --application-information will also print the information to standard output.
See also

◆ mainWindow()

QMainWindow* qSlicerApplication::mainWindow ( ) const

Return a pointer on the main window of the application if any.

◆ nodeModule()

QString qSlicerApplication::nodeModule ( vtkMRMLNode node,
double *  confidence = nullptr 
) const

Return the module name that is most suitable for editing the specified node. If a valid pointer is provided for confidence then the confidence value for the found module is returned. Confidence value = 0 means that the found module can probably not do much with that node, while 1.0 means that the found module is certainly the best module to manage than node.

◆ notify()

bool qSlicerApplication::notify ( QObject *  receiver,
QEvent *  event 

Avoid some crashes due to exceptions thrown during inside event handlers (such as slots). When exceptions are thrown from slots, Qt generates this message:

Qt has caught an exception thrown from an event handler. Throwing exceptions from an event handler is not supported in Qt. You must reimplement QApplication::notify() and catch all exceptions there.

so we follow the pattern suggested here:

◆ numberOfRecentLogFilesToKeep

int qSlicerApplication::numberOfRecentLogFilesToKeep ( )

Number of recent log files to keep. Older log files are deleted automatically.

◆ onSlicerApplicationLogicModified()

void qSlicerApplication::onSlicerApplicationLogicModified ( )

Reimplemented from qSlicerCoreApplication.

◆ openNodeModule

void qSlicerApplication::openNodeModule ( vtkMRMLNode node,
QString  role = QString(),
QString  context = QString() 

Utility function that retrieve the best module for a node and trigger its associated QAction which eventually opens the module.

qSlicerApplication is a temporary host for the function as it should be moved into a DataManager where module can register new node types/modules

◆ openSettingsDialog()

Q_INVOKABLE void qSlicerApplication::openSettingsDialog ( const QString &  settingsPanel = QString())

◆ pauseRender

void qSlicerApplication::pauseRender ( )

Equivalent to setRenderPaused(true)

See also

◆ recentLogFiles

QStringList qSlicerApplication::recentLogFiles ( )

Paths of recent log files.

◆ renderPaused

void qSlicerApplication::renderPaused ( bool  )

Emitted when setRenderPaused() is called. This can be used by modules that manage their own viewers to pause and resume rendering.

See also

◆ resumeRender

void qSlicerApplication::resumeRender ( )

Equivalent to setRenderPaused(false)

See also

◆ setHasBorderInFullScreen

void qSlicerApplication::setHasBorderInFullScreen ( bool  )

When turning on OpenGL and using the full screen mode, menus and tooltips are no longer visible. By enabling hasBorderInFullScreen, a one-pixel border is added around the window, which fixes the problem. Border has to be enabled before going to full screen mode. This method has only effect when using Qt5 on Windows. See

◆ setLayoutManager()

Q_INVOKABLE void qSlicerApplication::setLayoutManager ( qSlicerLayoutManager layoutManager)

◆ setRenderPaused

void qSlicerApplication::setRenderPaused ( bool  pause)

Calls setRenderPaused(pause) on the current layout manager. Emits pauseRenderRequested() if pause is true and resumeRenderRequested() if pause is false. The caller is responsible for making sure that each setRenderPaused(true) is paired with setRenderPaused(false).

See also

◆ settingsDialog()

Q_INVOKABLE ctkSettingsDialog* qSlicerApplication::settingsDialog ( ) const

◆ setToolTipsEnabled()

void qSlicerApplication::setToolTipsEnabled ( bool  enable)

◆ setupFileLogging()

void qSlicerApplication::setupFileLogging ( )

Set up file logging. Creates and sets new log file and deletes the oldest one from the stored queue

◆ startupCompleted

void qSlicerApplication::startupCompleted ( )

Emitted when the startup phase has been completed.

Startup is complete when all the modules have been initialized and the main window is shown to the user.

If the application is started without the mainwindow, the signal is emitted after the modules are initialized.
See also

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