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qMRMLSliceWidget Class Reference

#include <Libs/MRML/Widgets/qMRMLSliceWidget.h>

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Public Types

typedef qMRMLWidget Superclass
 Superclass typedef. More...
- Public Types inherited from qMRMLWidget
typedef QWidget Superclass


QString sliceOrientation
QColor sliceViewColor
QString sliceViewLabel
QString sliceViewName

Public Slots

void fitSliceToBackground ()
 Fit slices to background. More...
void setImageDataConnection (vtkAlgorithmOutput *newImageDataConnection)
void setMRMLScene (vtkMRMLScene *newScene) override
void setMRMLSliceNode (vtkMRMLSliceNode *newSliceNode)
void setSliceOrientation (const QString &orientation)
- Public Slots inherited from qMRMLWidget
virtual void setMRMLScene (vtkMRMLScene *newScene)
 Set the MRML scene associated with the widget. More...


void nodeAboutToBeEdited (vtkMRMLNode *node)
 Signal emitted when editing of a node is requested from within the slice widget. More...
- Signals inherited from qMRMLWidget
void mrmlSceneChanged (vtkMRMLScene *)

Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE vtkAlgorithmOutput * imageDataConnection () const
Q_INVOKABLE vtkInteractorObserver * interactorStyle () const
Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLSliceCompositeNodemrmlSliceCompositeNode () const
Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLSliceNodemrmlSliceNode () const
Q_INVOKABLE vtkCornerAnnotation * overlayCornerAnnotation () const
 Return the overlay corner annotation of the view. More...
 qMRMLSliceWidget (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
 Constructors. More...
Q_INVOKABLE void setSliceLogics (vtkCollection *logics)
 propagates the logics to the qMRMLSliceControllerWidget More...
void setSliceViewColor (const QColor &newSliceViewColor)
void setSliceViewLabel (const QString &newSliceViewLabel)
void setSliceViewName (const QString &newSliceViewName)
Q_INVOKABLE qMRMLSliceControllerWidgetsliceController () const
 Get slice controller. More...
Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLSliceLogicsliceLogic () const
Q_INVOKABLE QString sliceOrientation () const
Q_INVOKABLE qMRMLSliceViewsliceView () const
QColor sliceViewColor () const
QString sliceViewLabel () const
QString sliceViewName () const
 ~qMRMLSliceWidget () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from qMRMLWidget
Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLScenemrmlScene () const
 Return a pointer on the current MRML scene. More...
 qMRMLWidget (QWidget *parent=nullptr, Qt::WindowFlags f=Qt::WindowFlags())
 ~qMRMLWidget () override

Protected Member Functions

 qMRMLSliceWidget (qMRMLSliceWidgetPrivate *obj, QWidget *parent)
void showEvent (QShowEvent *) override

Protected Attributes

QScopedPointer< qMRMLSliceWidgetPrivate > d_ptr
- Protected Attributes inherited from qMRMLWidget
QScopedPointer< qMRMLWidgetPrivate > d_ptr

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from qMRMLWidget
static Q_INVOKABLE QPixmap pixmapFromIcon (const QIcon &icon)
static Q_INVOKABLE void postInitializeApplication ()
 Initialization that needs to be performed after application object is created. More...
static Q_INVOKABLE void preInitializeApplication ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file qMRMLSliceWidget.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass

Superclass typedef.

Definition at line 59 of file qMRMLSliceWidget.h.

Property Documentation

◆ sliceOrientation

QString qMRMLSliceWidget::sliceOrientation

Definition at line 52 of file qMRMLSliceWidget.h.

◆ sliceViewColor

QColor qMRMLSliceWidget::sliceViewColor

Definition at line 55 of file qMRMLSliceWidget.h.

◆ sliceViewLabel

QString qMRMLSliceWidget::sliceViewLabel

Definition at line 54 of file qMRMLSliceWidget.h.

◆ sliceViewName

QString qMRMLSliceWidget::sliceViewName

Definition at line 53 of file qMRMLSliceWidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ qMRMLSliceWidget() [1/2]

qMRMLSliceWidget::qMRMLSliceWidget ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr)


◆ ~qMRMLSliceWidget()

qMRMLSliceWidget::~qMRMLSliceWidget ( )

◆ qMRMLSliceWidget() [2/2]

qMRMLSliceWidget::qMRMLSliceWidget ( qMRMLSliceWidgetPrivate *  obj,
QWidget *  parent 

Constructor allowing derived class to specify a specialized pimpl.

You are responsible to call init() in the constructor of derived class. Doing so ensures the derived class is fully instantiated in case virtual method are called within init() itself.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fitSliceToBackground

void qMRMLSliceWidget::fitSliceToBackground ( )

Fit slices to background.

◆ imageDataConnection()

Q_INVOKABLE vtkAlgorithmOutput* qMRMLSliceWidget::imageDataConnection ( ) const
See also

◆ interactorStyle()

Q_INVOKABLE vtkInteractorObserver* qMRMLSliceWidget::interactorStyle ( ) const

Returns the interactor style of the view A const vtkInteractorObserver pointer is returned as you shouldn't mess too much with it. If you do, be aware that you are probably unsynchronizing the view from the nodes/logics.

◆ mrmlSliceCompositeNode()

Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLSliceCompositeNode* qMRMLSliceWidget::mrmlSliceCompositeNode ( ) const

◆ mrmlSliceNode()

Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLSliceNode* qMRMLSliceWidget::mrmlSliceNode ( ) const

◆ nodeAboutToBeEdited

void qMRMLSliceWidget::nodeAboutToBeEdited ( vtkMRMLNode node)

Signal emitted when editing of a node is requested from within the slice widget.

◆ overlayCornerAnnotation()

Q_INVOKABLE vtkCornerAnnotation* qMRMLSliceWidget::overlayCornerAnnotation ( ) const

Return the overlay corner annotation of the view.

◆ setImageDataConnection

void qMRMLSliceWidget::setImageDataConnection ( vtkAlgorithmOutput *  newImageDataConnection)
See also

◆ setMRMLScene

void qMRMLSliceWidget::setMRMLScene ( vtkMRMLScene newScene)

◆ setMRMLSliceNode

void qMRMLSliceWidget::setMRMLSliceNode ( vtkMRMLSliceNode newSliceNode)

◆ setSliceLogics()

Q_INVOKABLE void qMRMLSliceWidget::setSliceLogics ( vtkCollection *  logics)

propagates the logics to the qMRMLSliceControllerWidget

◆ setSliceOrientation

void qMRMLSliceWidget::setSliceOrientation ( const QString &  orientation)

◆ setSliceViewColor()

void qMRMLSliceWidget::setSliceViewColor ( const QColor &  newSliceViewColor)

◆ setSliceViewLabel()

void qMRMLSliceWidget::setSliceViewLabel ( const QString &  newSliceViewLabel)

◆ setSliceViewName()

void qMRMLSliceWidget::setSliceViewName ( const QString &  newSliceViewName)

◆ showEvent()

void qMRMLSliceWidget::showEvent ( QShowEvent *  )

◆ sliceController()

Q_INVOKABLE qMRMLSliceControllerWidget* qMRMLSliceWidget::sliceController ( ) const

Get slice controller.

◆ sliceLogic()

Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLSliceLogic* qMRMLSliceWidget::sliceLogic ( ) const

◆ sliceOrientation()

Q_INVOKABLE QString qMRMLSliceWidget::sliceOrientation ( ) const

◆ sliceView()

Q_INVOKABLE qMRMLSliceView* qMRMLSliceWidget::sliceView ( ) const

Get a reference to the underlying slice view. It is the widget that renders the view (contains vtkRenderWindow).

See also

◆ sliceViewColor()

QColor qMRMLSliceWidget::sliceViewColor ( ) const

◆ sliceViewLabel()

QString qMRMLSliceWidget::sliceViewLabel ( ) const

◆ sliceViewName()

QString qMRMLSliceWidget::sliceViewName ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ d_ptr

QScopedPointer<qMRMLSliceWidgetPrivate> qMRMLSliceWidget::d_ptr

Definition at line 152 of file qMRMLSliceWidget.h.

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