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qMRMLPlotView Class Reference

qMRMLPlotView is the display canvas for a Plot. More...

#include <Libs/MRML/Widgets/qMRMLPlotView.h>

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Public Types

typedef ctkVTKChartView Superclass
 Superclass typedef. More...

Public Slots

void fitToContent ()
 Change axis limits to show all content. More...
void RemovePlotSelections ()
 Unselect all the points. More...
void saveAsSVG (const QString &fileName)
void setMRMLPlotViewNode (vtkMRMLPlotViewNode *newPlotViewNode)
 Set the current viewNode to observe. More...
void setMRMLScene (vtkMRMLScene *newScene)
 Set the MRML scene that should be listened for events. More...


void dataSelected (vtkStringArray *mrmlPlotSeriesIDs, vtkCollection *selectionCol)
void mrmlSceneChanged (vtkMRMLScene *)

Public Member Functions

vtkMRMLPlotViewNodemrmlPlotViewNode () const
 Get the PlotView node observed by view. More...
vtkMRMLScenemrmlScene () const
 Return a pointer on the current MRML scene. More...
 qMRMLPlotView (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
 Constructors. More...
QSize sizeHint () const override
 Redefine the sizeHint so layouts work properly. More...
 ~qMRMLPlotView () override

Protected Slots

void updateMRMLChartAxisRangeFromWidget ()

Protected Member Functions

void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *event) override
 Handle keyboard events. More...
void keyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent *event) override

Protected Attributes

QScopedPointer< qMRMLPlotViewPrivate > d_ptr

Detailed Description

qMRMLPlotView is the display canvas for a Plot.

qMRMLPlotView supports only 2D plots. For extending this class to 3DPlots it is needed to expand the mother class cktVTKChartView to use also vtkChartXYZ (currently exploiting only vtkChartXY).

Definition at line 45 of file qMRMLPlotView.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass

typedef ctkVTKChartView qMRMLPlotView::Superclass

Superclass typedef.

Definition at line 50 of file qMRMLPlotView.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ qMRMLPlotView()

qMRMLPlotView::qMRMLPlotView ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr)


◆ ~qMRMLPlotView()

qMRMLPlotView::~qMRMLPlotView ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ dataSelected

void qMRMLPlotView::dataSelected ( vtkStringArray *  mrmlPlotSeriesIDs,
vtkCollection *  selectionCol 

Signal emitted when a data point or more has been selected. Returns the MRMLPlotSeriesNodes IDs and the correspective arrays with the data points ids (vtkIdTypeArray).

◆ fitToContent

void qMRMLPlotView::fitToContent ( )

Change axis limits to show all content.

◆ keyPressEvent()

void qMRMLPlotView::keyPressEvent ( QKeyEvent *  event)

Handle keyboard events.

◆ keyReleaseEvent()

void qMRMLPlotView::keyReleaseEvent ( QKeyEvent *  event)

◆ mrmlPlotViewNode()

vtkMRMLPlotViewNode* qMRMLPlotView::mrmlPlotViewNode ( ) const

Get the PlotView node observed by view.

◆ mrmlScene()

vtkMRMLScene* qMRMLPlotView::mrmlScene ( ) const

Return a pointer on the current MRML scene.

◆ mrmlSceneChanged

void qMRMLPlotView::mrmlSceneChanged ( vtkMRMLScene )

When designing custom qMRMLWidget in the designer, you can connect the mrmlSceneChanged signal directly to the aggregated MRML widgets that have a setMRMLScene slot.

◆ RemovePlotSelections

void qMRMLPlotView::RemovePlotSelections ( )

Unselect all the points.

◆ saveAsSVG

void qMRMLPlotView::saveAsSVG ( const QString &  fileName)

Save the current plot as vector graphics, in svg file format. Note that regardless of the file extension in the input fileName, the extension of the created file will always be ".svg".

◆ setMRMLPlotViewNode

void qMRMLPlotView::setMRMLPlotViewNode ( vtkMRMLPlotViewNode newPlotViewNode)

Set the current viewNode to observe.

◆ setMRMLScene

void qMRMLPlotView::setMRMLScene ( vtkMRMLScene newScene)

Set the MRML scene that should be listened for events.

◆ sizeHint()

QSize qMRMLPlotView::sizeHint ( ) const

Redefine the sizeHint so layouts work properly.

◆ updateMRMLChartAxisRangeFromWidget

void qMRMLPlotView::updateMRMLChartAxisRangeFromWidget ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ d_ptr

QScopedPointer<qMRMLPlotViewPrivate> qMRMLPlotView::d_ptr

Definition at line 101 of file qMRMLPlotView.h.

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