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qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget Class Reference

#include <Modules/Loadable/Markups/Widgets/qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget.h>

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Public Types

typedef qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidget Superclass
- Public Types inherited from qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidget
typedef QWidget Superclass

Public Slots

qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidgetcreateInstance () const override
 Returns an instance of the widget. More...
void setMRMLMarkupsNode (vtkMRMLMarkupsNode *node) override
 Set the MRML node of interest. More...
void updateWidgetFromMRML () override
 Updates the widget based on information from MRML. More...
- Public Slots inherited from qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidget
void setMRMLMarkupsNode (vtkMRMLNode *markupsNode)
 Sets the vtkMRMLNode to operate on. More...
virtual void setMRMLMarkupsNode (vtkMRMLMarkupsNode *markupsNode)=0
 Sets the vtkMRMLMarkupsNode to operate on. More...
virtual void setMRMLScene (vtkMRMLScene *mrmlScene)
 Sets the vtkMRMLNode to operate on. More...

Public Member Functions

bool canManageMRMLMarkupsNode (vtkMRMLMarkupsNode *markupsNode) const override
 Checks whether a given node can be handled by the widget. More...
const QString className () const override
 Gets the name of the additional options widget type. More...
vtkMRMLMarkupsPlaneNodemrmlPlaneNode () const
 Returns the current MRML Plane node. More...
 qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
 ~qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidget
virtual qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidgetcreateInstance () const =0
 Clone options widget . Override to return a new instance of the options widget. More...
vtkMRMLMarkupsNodemrmlMarkupsNode () const
vtkMRMLScenemrmlScene () const
 qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidget (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
virtual void updateWidgetFromMRML ()=0
 Updates the widget based on information from MRML. More...
 ~qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidget ()=default

Protected Slots

void onNormalOpacitySliderChanged ()
void onNormalVisibilityCheckBoxChanged ()
void onPlaneBoundsSpinBoxChanged ()
void onPlaneSizeModeIndexChanged ()
void onPlaneSizeSpinBoxChanged ()
void onPlaneTypeIndexChanged ()
 Internal function to update type of Plane. More...

Protected Member Functions

void setup ()

Protected Attributes

QScopedPointer< qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidgetPrivate > d_ptr
- Protected Attributes inherited from qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidget
vtkWeakPointer< vtkMRMLMarkupsNodeMarkupsNode
vtkWeakPointer< vtkMRMLSceneMRMLScene

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidget
QString className

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass

Definition at line 47 of file qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget()

qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr)

◆ ~qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget()

qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::~qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ canManageMRMLMarkupsNode()

bool qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::canManageMRMLMarkupsNode ( vtkMRMLMarkupsNode markupsNode) const

Checks whether a given node can be handled by the widget.

Implements qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidget.

◆ className()

const QString qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::className ( ) const

Gets the name of the additional options widget type.

Implements qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidget.

Definition at line 55 of file qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget.h.

◆ createInstance

qMRMLMarkupsAbstractOptionsWidget* qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::createInstance ( ) const

Returns an instance of the widget.

Definition at line 68 of file qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget.h.

◆ mrmlPlaneNode()

vtkMRMLMarkupsPlaneNode* qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::mrmlPlaneNode ( ) const

Returns the current MRML Plane node.

◆ onNormalOpacitySliderChanged

void qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::onNormalOpacitySliderChanged ( )

◆ onNormalVisibilityCheckBoxChanged

void qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::onNormalVisibilityCheckBoxChanged ( )

◆ onPlaneBoundsSpinBoxChanged

void qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::onPlaneBoundsSpinBoxChanged ( )

◆ onPlaneSizeModeIndexChanged

void qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::onPlaneSizeModeIndexChanged ( )

◆ onPlaneSizeSpinBoxChanged

void qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::onPlaneSizeSpinBoxChanged ( )

◆ onPlaneTypeIndexChanged

void qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::onPlaneTypeIndexChanged ( )

Internal function to update type of Plane.

◆ setMRMLMarkupsNode

void qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::setMRMLMarkupsNode ( vtkMRMLMarkupsNode node)

Set the MRML node of interest.

◆ setup()

void qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::setup ( )

◆ updateWidgetFromMRML

void qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::updateWidgetFromMRML ( )

Updates the widget based on information from MRML.

Member Data Documentation

◆ d_ptr

QScopedPointer<qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidgetPrivate> qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget::d_ptr

Definition at line 86 of file qMRMLMarkupsPlaneWidget.h.

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