Slicer  4.8
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vtkMRMLMarkupsNode.h File Reference
#include "vtkMRMLDisplayableNode.h"
#include "vtkSlicerMarkupsModuleMRMLExport.h"
#include <vtkSmartPointer.h>
#include <vtkVector.h>
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struct  Markup
 see doxygen enabled comment in class description More...
class  vtkMRMLMarkupsNode
 MRML node to represent a list of markups Markups nodes contains a list of markups that each contain a list of points. Visualization parameters for these nodes are controlled by the vtkMRMLMarkupsDisplayNode class. Each markup has a unique ID. Each markup is defined by a certain number of RAS points, 1 for fiducials, 2 for rulers, 3 for angles, etc. Each markup has an orientation defined by a quaternion. It's represented by a 4 element vector: [0] = the angle of rotation, [1,2,3] = the axis of rotation. Default is 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0 Each markup also has an associated node id, set when the markup is placed on a data set to link the markup to the volume or model. Each markup can also be individually un/selected, un/locked, in/visibile, and have a label (short, shown in the viewers) and description (longer, shown in the GUI). More...