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vtkCodedEntry Class Reference

Simple class for storing standard coded entries (coding scheme, value, meaning triplets) More...

#include <Libs/MRML/Core/vtkCodedEntry.h>

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Public Types

typedef vtkObject Superclass

Public Member Functions

virtual void Copy (vtkCodedEntry *aEntry)
 Copy one type into another. More...
std::string GetAsPrintableString ()
std::string GetAsString ()
virtual const char * GetClassName ()
virtual char * GetCodeMeaning ()
virtual char * GetCodeValue ()
virtual char * GetCodingSchemeDesignator ()
virtual void Initialize ()
 Reset state of object. More...
virtual int IsA (const char *type)
void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent) VTK_OVERRIDE
virtual void SetCodeMeaning (const char *)
virtual void SetCodeValue (const char *)
virtual void SetCodingSchemeDesignator (const char *)
bool SetFromString (const std::string &content)
virtual void SetValueSchemeMeaning (const std::string &value, const std::string &scheme, const std::string &meaning)
 Convenience function for setting code value, coding scheme, and code meaning with a single method call. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static int IsTypeOf (const char *type)
static vtkCodedEntryNew ()
static vtkCodedEntrySafeDownCast (vtkObject *o)

Protected Member Functions

void operator= (const vtkCodedEntry &)
 vtkCodedEntry ()
 vtkCodedEntry (const vtkCodedEntry &)
 ~vtkCodedEntry ()

Protected Attributes

char * CodeMeaning
char * CodeValue
char * CodingSchemeDesignator

Detailed Description

Simple class for storing standard coded entries (coding scheme, value, meaning triplets)

vtkCodedEntry is a lightweight class that stores standard coded entries consisting of CodingSchemeDesignator + CodeValue + CodeMeaning triplets. This is a commonly used concept in DICOM, see chapter 3: Encoding of Coded Entry Data (

Definition at line 26 of file vtkCodedEntry.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass

typedef vtkObject vtkCodedEntry::Superclass

Definition at line 31 of file vtkCodedEntry.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ vtkCodedEntry() [1/2]

vtkCodedEntry::vtkCodedEntry ( )

◆ ~vtkCodedEntry()

vtkCodedEntry::~vtkCodedEntry ( )

◆ vtkCodedEntry() [2/2]

vtkCodedEntry::vtkCodedEntry ( const vtkCodedEntry )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Copy()

virtual void vtkCodedEntry::Copy ( vtkCodedEntry aEntry)

Copy one type into another.

Reimplemented in vtkSlicerTerminologyType, and vtkSlicerTerminologyCategory.

◆ GetAsPrintableString()

std::string vtkCodedEntry::GetAsPrintableString ( )

Get content of the object as a single human-readable string. Example: ([hnsf'U], UCUM, "Hounsfield unit")

◆ GetAsString()

std::string vtkCodedEntry::GetAsString ( )

Get content of the object as a single machine-readable string. Example: CodeValue:[hnsf'U]|CodingSchemeDesignator:UCUM|CodeMeaning:Hounsfield unit

◆ GetClassName()

virtual const char* vtkCodedEntry::GetClassName ( )

◆ GetCodeMeaning()

virtual char* vtkCodedEntry::GetCodeMeaning ( )

Code Meaning is text that has meaning to a human and conveys the meaning of the term defined by the combination of Code Value and Coding Scheme Designator. Though such a meaning can be "looked up" in the dictionary for the coding scheme, it is encoded for the convenience of applications that do not have access to such a dictionary.

◆ GetCodeValue()

virtual char* vtkCodedEntry::GetCodeValue ( )

Code Value (DICOM tag (0008,0100)) is an identifier that is unambiguous within the Coding Scheme denoted by Coding Scheme Designator and Coding Scheme Version.

◆ GetCodingSchemeDesignator()

virtual char* vtkCodedEntry::GetCodingSchemeDesignator ( )

Coding Scheme Designator identifies the coding scheme in which the code for a term is defined. Standard coding scheme designators used in DICOM information interchange are listed in PS3.16. Other coding scheme designators, for both private and public coding schemes, may be used, in accordance with PS3.16.

◆ Initialize()

virtual void vtkCodedEntry::Initialize ( )

Reset state of object.

Reimplemented in vtkSlicerTerminologyType, and vtkSlicerTerminologyCategory.

◆ IsA()

virtual int vtkCodedEntry::IsA ( const char *  type)

◆ IsTypeOf()

static int vtkCodedEntry::IsTypeOf ( const char *  type)

◆ New()

static vtkCodedEntry* vtkCodedEntry::New ( )

◆ operator=()

void vtkCodedEntry::operator= ( const vtkCodedEntry )

◆ PrintSelf()

void vtkCodedEntry::PrintSelf ( ostream &  os,
vtkIndent  indent 

◆ SafeDownCast()

static vtkCodedEntry* vtkCodedEntry::SafeDownCast ( vtkObject *  o)

◆ SetCodeMeaning()

virtual void vtkCodedEntry::SetCodeMeaning ( const char *  )

◆ SetCodeValue()

virtual void vtkCodedEntry::SetCodeValue ( const char *  )

◆ SetCodingSchemeDesignator()

virtual void vtkCodedEntry::SetCodingSchemeDesignator ( const char *  )

◆ SetFromString()

bool vtkCodedEntry::SetFromString ( const std::string &  content)

Set content of the object from a single machine-readable string. Example input: CodeValue:[hnsf'U]|CodingSchemeDesignator:UCUM|CodeMeaning:Hounsfield unit

true on success

◆ SetValueSchemeMeaning()

virtual void vtkCodedEntry::SetValueSchemeMeaning ( const std::string &  value,
const std::string &  scheme,
const std::string &  meaning 

Convenience function for setting code value, coding scheme, and code meaning with a single method call.

Member Data Documentation

◆ CodeMeaning

char* vtkCodedEntry::CodeMeaning

Definition at line 90 of file vtkCodedEntry.h.

◆ CodeValue

char* vtkCodedEntry::CodeValue

Definition at line 88 of file vtkCodedEntry.h.

◆ CodingSchemeDesignator

char* vtkCodedEntry::CodingSchemeDesignator

Definition at line 89 of file vtkCodedEntry.h.

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