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qSlicerExportNodeDialog Class Reference

#include <Base/QTGUI/qSlicerExportNodeDialog.h>

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Public Types

typedef QObject Superclass
- Public Types inherited from qSlicerFileDialog
enum  IOAction { Read, Write }
typedef QObject Superclass

Public Member Functions

qSlicerFileDialog::IOAction action () const override
QString description () const override
bool exec (const qSlicerIO::IOProperties &readerProperties=qSlicerIO::IOProperties()) override
qSlicerIO::IOFileType fileType () const override
 qSlicerExportNodeDialog (QObject *parent=nullptr)
 ~qSlicerExportNodeDialog () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from qSlicerFileDialog
virtual void dropEvent (QDropEvent *event)
virtual bool isMimeDataAccepted (const QMimeData *mimeData) const
virtual QStringList loadedNodes () const
 qSlicerFileDialog (QObject *parent=nullptr)
 ~qSlicerFileDialog () override

Protected Attributes

QScopedPointer< qSlicerExportNodeDialogPrivate > d_ptr

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from qSlicerFileDialog
QString description
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from qSlicerFileDialog
static QStringList nameFilters (qSlicerIO::IOFileType fileType=QString("NoFile"))

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file qSlicerExportNodeDialog.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass

Definition at line 33 of file qSlicerExportNodeDialog.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ qSlicerExportNodeDialog()

qSlicerExportNodeDialog::qSlicerExportNodeDialog ( QObject *  parent = nullptr)

◆ ~qSlicerExportNodeDialog()

qSlicerExportNodeDialog::~qSlicerExportNodeDialog ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ action()

qSlicerFileDialog::IOAction qSlicerExportNodeDialog::action ( ) const

Implements qSlicerFileDialog.

◆ description()

QString qSlicerExportNodeDialog::description ( ) const

Unique name of the reader/writer

See also

Implements qSlicerFileDialog.

◆ exec()

bool qSlicerExportNodeDialog::exec ( const qSlicerIO::IOProperties readerProperties = qSlicerIO::IOProperties())

Open the export dialog. The expected readerProperties are as follows: selectedNodeID (QString): ID of the node rooted at the subtree in the subject hierarchy that will be considered for export childIdsNonrecursive (QList<QString>): Node IDs of direct children of selectedNodeID in the subject hierarchy childIdsRecursive (QList<QString>): Node IDs of all descendants of selectedNodeID in the subject hierarchy nodeIdToSubjectHierarchyPath (QHash<QString, QStringList>): Mapping from node IDs to lists of subject hierarchy item names, where each list starts from the parent of the aforementioned node ID and goes up the hierarchy until it reaches selectedNodeID.

Implements qSlicerFileDialog.

◆ fileType()

qSlicerIO::IOFileType qSlicerExportNodeDialog::fileType ( ) const

Implements qSlicerFileDialog.

Member Data Documentation

◆ d_ptr

QScopedPointer<qSlicerExportNodeDialogPrivate> qSlicerExportNodeDialog::d_ptr

Definition at line 51 of file qSlicerExportNodeDialog.h.

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