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qMRMLNodeComboBox Class Reference

Combobox that automatically displays all the nodes of the scene that match filtering criteria. More...

#include <Libs/MRML/Widgets/qMRMLNodeComboBox.h>

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Public Types

typedef QWidget Superclass


bool addEnabled
QString baseName
QString currentNodeId
QString currentNodeID
bool editEnabled
QStringList hideChildNodeTypes
QString interactionNodeSingletonTag
QStringList nodeTypes
QString noneDisplay
bool noneEnabled
bool removeEnabled
bool renameEnabled
bool selectNodeUponCreation
bool showChildNodeTypes
bool showHidden
QComboBox::SizeAdjustPolicy sizeAdjustPolicy

Public Slots

virtual vtkMRMLNodeaddNode (QString nodeType)
 Creates a node of the same type as in the "node types" property. More...
virtual vtkMRMLNodeaddNode ()
 Creates a node of the same type as the first in the "node types" property. More...
virtual void editCurrentNode ()
 Edits the currently selected node. More...
virtual void removeCurrentNode ()
virtual void renameCurrentNode ()
void setCurrentNode (vtkMRMLNode *node)
 Select the node to be current. More...
void setCurrentNode (const QString &nodeID)
void setCurrentNodeID (const QString &nodeID)
void setCurrentNodeIndex (int index)
virtual void setMRMLScene (vtkMRMLScene *scene)


void currentNodeChanged (vtkMRMLNode *node)
void currentNodeChanged (bool validNode)
void currentNodeIDChanged (const QString &id)
void currentNodeRenamed (const QString &newName)
 Signal emitted when the current node is renamed. More...
void nodeAboutToBeEdited (vtkMRMLNode *node)
 Signal emitted when edit node menu action is selected. More...
void nodeAboutToBeRemoved (vtkMRMLNode *node)
void nodeActivated (vtkMRMLNode *node)
void nodeAdded (vtkMRMLNode *node)
void nodeAddedByUser (vtkMRMLNode *node)
 Signal emitted when node is added by the user. More...

Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE void addAttribute (const QString &nodeType, const QString &attributeName, const QVariant &attributeValue=QVariant())
bool addEnabled () const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void addMenuAction (QAction *newAction)
QString baseName (const QString &nodeType="") const
Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLNodecurrentNode () const
 Return the currently selected node. 0 if no node is selected. More...
QString currentNodeID () const
Q_INVOKABLE QString currentNodeId () const
bool editEnabled () const
QStringList hideChildNodeTypes () const
virtual QString interactionNodeSingletonTag () const
QAbstractItemModel * model () const
Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLScenemrmlScene () const
Q_INVOKABLE int nodeCount () const
qMRMLNodeFactorynodeFactory () const
Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLNodenodeFromIndex (int index) const
QList< vtkMRMLNode * > nodes () const
 Return a list of all the nodes that are displayed in the combo box. More...
Q_INVOKABLE QString nodeTypeLabel (const QString &nodeType) const
QStringList nodeTypes () const
QString noneDisplay () const
bool noneEnabled () const
 qMRMLNodeComboBox (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
Q_INVOKABLE void removeAttribute (const QString &nodeType, const QString &attributeName)
bool removeEnabled () const
bool renameEnabled () const
 Allow the user to rename the node. More...
qMRMLSceneModelsceneModel () const
bool selectNodeUponCreation () const
void setAddEnabled (bool enable)
void setBaseName (const QString &baseName, const QString &nodeType="")
void setEditEnabled (bool enable)
void setHideChildNodeTypes (const QStringList &nodeTypes)
virtual void setInteractionNodeSingletonTag (const QString &tag)
Q_INVOKABLE void setNodeTypeLabel (const QString &label, const QString &nodeType)
void setNodeTypes (const QStringList &nodeTypes)
void setNoneDisplay (const QString &displayName)
void setNoneEnabled (bool enable)
void setRemoveEnabled (bool enable)
void setRenameEnabled (bool enable)
void setSelectNodeUponCreation (bool value)
void setShowChildNodeTypes (bool show)
void setShowHidden (bool)
void setSizeAdjustPolicy (QComboBox::SizeAdjustPolicy policy)
bool showChildNodeTypes () const
bool showHidden () const
QComboBox::SizeAdjustPolicy sizeAdjustPolicy () const
Q_INVOKABLE qMRMLSortFilterProxyModelsortFilterProxyModel () const
 ~qMRMLNodeComboBox () override

Protected Slots

void activateExtraItem (const QModelIndex &index)
void emitCurrentNodeChanged ()
void emitNodeActivated (int currentIndex)
void emitNodesAboutToBeRemoved (const QModelIndex &parent, int start, int end)
void emitNodesAdded (const QModelIndex &parent, int start, int end)
void refreshIfCurrentNodeHidden ()

Protected Member Functions

void changeEvent (QEvent *event) override
QComboBox * comboBox () const
 qMRMLNodeComboBox (QAbstractItemModel *model, QWidget *parent=nullptr)
 qMRMLNodeComboBox will not take ownership on the model. More...
 qMRMLNodeComboBox (qMRMLNodeComboBoxPrivate *pimpl, QWidget *parent=nullptr)
QAbstractItemModel * rootModel () const
void setComboBox (QComboBox *comboBox)

Protected Attributes

QScopedPointer< qMRMLNodeComboBoxPrivate > d_ptr

Detailed Description

Combobox that automatically displays all the nodes of the scene that match filtering criteria.

qMRMLNodeComboBox observes a MRML scene and gets automatically populated with nodes of the scene that are of type nodeTypes, and that are not hidden from editor (see vtkMRMLNode::GetHideFromEditor()) except if showHidden is true. Sometimes, having no current node can be a valid choice, noneEnabled allows the user to select or not "None" as the current node. qMRMLNodeComboBox is disabled (grayed out) until a valid scene (not null) is provided via setMRMLScene(). Setting the scene can be done from the designer by connecting a mrmlSceneChanged(vtkMRMLScene*) signal with the slot qMRMLNodeComboBox::setMRMLScene(vtkMRMLScene*). In addition to the populated nodes, qMRMLNodeComboBox contains menu items to add, delete, edit or rename the currently selected node. Each item can be hidden.

Definition at line 55 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass

Definition at line 96 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

Property Documentation

◆ addEnabled

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::addEnabled

Definition at line 74 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ baseName

QString qMRMLNodeComboBox::baseName

Definition at line 66 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ currentNodeId

QString qMRMLNodeComboBox::currentNodeId

Definition at line 60 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ currentNodeID

QString qMRMLNodeComboBox::currentNodeID

Definition at line 59 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ editEnabled

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::editEnabled

Definition at line 76 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ hideChildNodeTypes

QStringList qMRMLNodeComboBox::hideChildNodeTypes

Definition at line 64 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ interactionNodeSingletonTag

QString qMRMLNodeComboBox::interactionNodeSingletonTag

Node editing is requested via an interaction node in the scene. This singleton tag identifies which interaction node should be used. In most cases, it is not necessary to change the default value. If the value is set to empty then only nodeAboutToBeEdited signal is invoked but node editing is not requested via interaction node.

See also

Definition at line 85 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ nodeTypes

QStringList qMRMLNodeComboBox::nodeTypes

Definition at line 61 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ noneDisplay

QString qMRMLNodeComboBox::noneDisplay

This property controls the name that is displayed for the None item. "None" by default.

See also

Definition at line 91 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ noneEnabled

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::noneEnabled

This property controls whether an additional item is added into the menu list, such item allows the user to select none of the nodes in the combobox list. By default, the display of the item is "None" but it can be changed with noneDisplay.

See also
noneDisplay, addEnabled, removeEnabled, editEnabled, renameEnabled
noneEnabled(), setNoneEnabled()

Definition at line 73 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ removeEnabled

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::removeEnabled

Definition at line 75 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ renameEnabled

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::renameEnabled

Definition at line 77 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ selectNodeUponCreation

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::selectNodeUponCreation

Definition at line 87 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ showChildNodeTypes

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::showChildNodeTypes

Definition at line 63 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ showHidden

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::showHidden

Definition at line 62 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ sizeAdjustPolicy

QComboBox::SizeAdjustPolicy qMRMLNodeComboBox::sizeAdjustPolicy

Definition at line 93 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ qMRMLNodeComboBox() [1/3]

qMRMLNodeComboBox::qMRMLNodeComboBox ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr)

Construct an empty qMRMLNodeComboBox with a null scene, no nodeType, where the hidden nodes are not forced on display.

◆ ~qMRMLNodeComboBox()

qMRMLNodeComboBox::~qMRMLNodeComboBox ( )

◆ qMRMLNodeComboBox() [2/3]

qMRMLNodeComboBox::qMRMLNodeComboBox ( QAbstractItemModel *  model,
QWidget *  parent = nullptr 

qMRMLNodeComboBox will not take ownership on the model.

◆ qMRMLNodeComboBox() [3/3]

qMRMLNodeComboBox::qMRMLNodeComboBox ( qMRMLNodeComboBoxPrivate *  pimpl,
QWidget *  parent = nullptr 

Member Function Documentation

◆ activateExtraItem

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::activateExtraItem ( const QModelIndex &  index)

◆ addAttribute()

Q_INVOKABLE void qMRMLNodeComboBox::addAttribute ( const QString &  nodeType,
const QString &  attributeName,
const QVariant &  attributeValue = QVariant() 

Add node type attribute that filter the nodes to display. For example, colormap categories are defined with the "Category" attribute. In the following, the combobox only display Discrete colormap nodes.

addAttribute("vtkMRMLColorNode", "Category", "Discrete");
The attributes are used for filtering but also when "AddNode" is called: the attributes will be set to the new node
An undefined attributeValue will match any value as long as the node has the attribute defined. An empty string will only match an empty string. Otherwise the attributeValue has to match the node's value exactly.

◆ addEnabled()

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::addEnabled ( ) const

Allow the user to create a new node. An "Add node" item is added into the menu list.

◆ addMenuAction()

virtual Q_INVOKABLE void qMRMLNodeComboBox::addMenuAction ( QAction *  newAction)

Allow addition of menu actions in addition to the default actions that can be flagged on or off via setAddEnabled() etc. New actions are saved to the UserMenuActions list, and are added to the extra items list in updateActionItems(bool resetRootIndex) and set as post items on the scene model. The new actions are checked for and triggered in activateExtraItem(const QModelIndex& index) Checks for action text duplicates and doesn't add them. Also checks for action text that will be hidden by the default action texts and doesn't add it.

◆ addNode [1/2]

virtual vtkMRMLNode* qMRMLNodeComboBox::addNode ( QString  nodeType)

Creates a node of the same type as in the "node types" property.

Its name is generated using basename.

The new node or nullptr if nodeType is not among the allowed node types specified using setNodeTypes().
See also

◆ addNode [2/2]

virtual vtkMRMLNode* qMRMLNodeComboBox::addNode ( )

Creates a node of the same type as the first in the "node types" property.

Its name is generated using basename.

See also

◆ baseName()

QString qMRMLNodeComboBox::baseName ( const QString &  nodeType = "") const

◆ changeEvent()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::changeEvent ( QEvent *  event)

◆ comboBox()

QComboBox* qMRMLNodeComboBox::comboBox ( ) const

Exposed internal combobox to tweak its behavior such as changing the QComboBox view or item delegate.

◆ currentNode()

Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLNode* qMRMLNodeComboBox::currentNode ( ) const

Return the currently selected node. 0 if no node is selected.

◆ currentNodeChanged [1/2]

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::currentNodeChanged ( vtkMRMLNode node)

This signal is sent anytime the current node is changed. nullptr if no node is current or the current item is "None".

◆ currentNodeChanged [2/2]

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::currentNodeChanged ( bool  validNode)

Signal emitted just after currentNodeChanged(vtkMRMLNode*) is. validNode set to True when the current node is changed. Set to False when the list is empty. Useful to enable/disable/show/hide other widgets depending on the validity of the current node.

◆ currentNodeID()

QString qMRMLNodeComboBox::currentNodeID ( ) const

Return the currently selected node id . "" if no node is selected Utility function that is based on currentNode

◆ currentNodeId()

Q_INVOKABLE QString qMRMLNodeComboBox::currentNodeId ( ) const
Use currentNodeID instead

◆ currentNodeIDChanged

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::currentNodeIDChanged ( const QString &  id)

This signal is sent anytime the current node is changed. "" if no node is current or the current item is "None".

◆ currentNodeRenamed

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::currentNodeRenamed ( const QString &  newName)

Signal emitted when the current node is renamed.

TBD: void nodeRemoved(vtkMRMLNode*);

◆ editCurrentNode

virtual void qMRMLNodeComboBox::editCurrentNode ( )

Edits the currently selected node.

◆ editEnabled()

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::editEnabled ( ) const

TODO Allow the user to modify the properties of the currently selected.

◆ emitCurrentNodeChanged

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::emitCurrentNodeChanged ( )

◆ emitNodeActivated

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::emitNodeActivated ( int  currentIndex)

◆ emitNodesAboutToBeRemoved

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::emitNodesAboutToBeRemoved ( const QModelIndex &  parent,
int  start,
int  end 

◆ emitNodesAdded

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::emitNodesAdded ( const QModelIndex &  parent,
int  start,
int  end 

◆ hideChildNodeTypes()

QStringList qMRMLNodeComboBox::hideChildNodeTypes ( ) const

◆ interactionNodeSingletonTag()

virtual QString qMRMLNodeComboBox::interactionNodeSingletonTag ( ) const

◆ model()

QAbstractItemModel* qMRMLNodeComboBox::model ( ) const

Internal model associated to the combobox. It is usually not the scene model but the sort filter proxy model.

See also
sortFilterProxyModel(), sceneModel()

◆ mrmlScene()

Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLScene* qMRMLNodeComboBox::mrmlScene ( ) const

Get MRML scene that has been set by setMRMLScene(), there is no scene by default (0).

See also

◆ nodeAboutToBeEdited

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::nodeAboutToBeEdited ( vtkMRMLNode node)

Signal emitted when edit node menu action is selected.

◆ nodeAboutToBeRemoved

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::nodeAboutToBeRemoved ( vtkMRMLNode node)

Signal emitted when node is about to be removed from the comboBox. Only nodes with valid type emit the signal

◆ nodeActivated

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::nodeActivated ( vtkMRMLNode node)

Advanced function. This signal is sent when the user chooses a node in the combobox. The item's node is passed. Note that this signal is sent even when the choice is not changed. If you need to know when the choice actually changes, use signal currentNodeChanged().

See also

◆ nodeAdded

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::nodeAdded ( vtkMRMLNode node)

TBD void nodeAboutToBeAdded(vtkMRMLNode*); Signal emitted when node is added to the comboBox Only nodes with valid type emit the signal

◆ nodeAddedByUser

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::nodeAddedByUser ( vtkMRMLNode node)

Signal emitted when node is added by the user.

◆ nodeCount()

Q_INVOKABLE int qMRMLNodeComboBox::nodeCount ( ) const

return the number of nodes. it can be different from count() as count includes the "AddNode", "Remove Node"... items

◆ nodeFactory()

qMRMLNodeFactory* qMRMLNodeComboBox::nodeFactory ( ) const

Return the node factory used to create nodes when "Add Node" is selected (property AddEnabled should be true). A typical use would be to connect the node factory signal nodeInitialized(vtkMRMLNode*) with your own initialization routine slot: connect(nodeComboBox->nodeFactory(), SIGNAL(nodeInitialized(vtkMRMLNode*)), this, SLOT(initializeNode(vtkMRMLNode*)));

◆ nodeFromIndex()

Q_INVOKABLE vtkMRMLNode* qMRMLNodeComboBox::nodeFromIndex ( int  index) const

return the vtkMRMLNode* at the corresponding index. 0 if the index is invalid

See also
nodeCount(), setCurrentNode(int)

◆ nodes()

QList<vtkMRMLNode*> qMRMLNodeComboBox::nodes ( ) const

Return a list of all the nodes that are displayed in the combo box.

◆ nodeTypeLabel()

Q_INVOKABLE QString qMRMLNodeComboBox::nodeTypeLabel ( const QString &  nodeType) const

◆ nodeTypes()

QStringList qMRMLNodeComboBox::nodeTypes ( ) const

Set/Get node types to display in the list NodeTypes are the class names, i.e. vtkMRMLViewNode, vtkMRMLTransformNode

◆ noneDisplay()

QString qMRMLNodeComboBox::noneDisplay ( ) const

Return the name of the "none" item

See also
noneDisplay, setNoneDisplay()

◆ noneEnabled()

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::noneEnabled ( ) const

Return true if the "none" is in the comboBox list, false otherwise.

See also
noneEnabled, setNoneEnabled()

◆ refreshIfCurrentNodeHidden

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::refreshIfCurrentNodeHidden ( )

◆ removeAttribute()

Q_INVOKABLE void qMRMLNodeComboBox::removeAttribute ( const QString &  nodeType,
const QString &  attributeName 

Remove node type attribute filtering the displayed nodes

See also

◆ removeCurrentNode

virtual void qMRMLNodeComboBox::removeCurrentNode ( )

Removes the current node from the scene. The node reference count gets decremented which might lead to deletion (if it reaches 0).

◆ removeEnabled()

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::removeEnabled ( ) const

Allow the user to delete the currently selected node. A "Remove node" item is added to the menu list.

◆ renameCurrentNode

virtual void qMRMLNodeComboBox::renameCurrentNode ( )

Renames the currently selected node. It shows an input dialog box with the current name of the node

See also
vtkMRMLNode::GetName(), vtkMRMLNode::SetName()

◆ renameEnabled()

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::renameEnabled ( ) const

Allow the user to rename the node.

◆ rootModel()

QAbstractItemModel* qMRMLNodeComboBox::rootModel ( ) const

◆ sceneModel()

qMRMLSceneModel* qMRMLNodeComboBox::sceneModel ( ) const

Retrieve the scene model internally used. The scene model is usually not used directly, but a sortFilterProxyModel is plugged in.

See also

◆ selectNodeUponCreation()

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::selectNodeUponCreation ( ) const

if true, when the user create a node using "Add node", the node will be automatically selected. It doesn't apply if the node is programmatically added (when the combobox is populated by the scene).

◆ setAddEnabled()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setAddEnabled ( bool  enable)

◆ setBaseName()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setBaseName ( const QString &  baseName,
const QString &  nodeType = "" 

BaseName is the name used to generate a node name for all the new created nodes. If nodeType is not specified for setBaseName() then base name is set for all already defined node types. If nodeType is not specified for baseName() then base name of the first node type is returned.

◆ setComboBox()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setComboBox ( QComboBox *  comboBox)

◆ setCurrentNode [1/2]

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setCurrentNode ( vtkMRMLNode node)

Select the node to be current.

◆ setCurrentNode [2/2]

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setCurrentNode ( const QString &  nodeID)
Use setCurrentNodeID instead

◆ setCurrentNodeID

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setCurrentNodeID ( const QString &  nodeID)

Select the node to be current. If nodeID is invalid (or can't be found in the scene), the current node becomes 0.

◆ setCurrentNodeIndex

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setCurrentNodeIndex ( int  index)

Select the current node by index. The index refers to the order of the nodes into the list. If index is 0, the first node will be selected (even if "NoneEnabled" is true).

See also
nodeCount, setCurrentNode(vtkMRMLNode* ), setCurrentNodeID(const QString&)

◆ setEditEnabled()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setEditEnabled ( bool  enable)

◆ setHideChildNodeTypes()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setHideChildNodeTypes ( const QStringList &  nodeTypes)

If a node is a nodeType, hide the node if it is also a ExcludedChildNodeType. (this can happen if nodeType is a mother class of ExcludedChildNodeType)

Definition at line 427 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ setInteractionNodeSingletonTag()

virtual void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setInteractionNodeSingletonTag ( const QString &  tag)

◆ setMRMLScene

virtual void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setMRMLScene ( vtkMRMLScene scene)

Set the scene the combobox listens to. The scene is observed and when new nodes are added to the scene, the menu list is populated.

Reimplemented in qMRMLColorTableComboBox.

◆ setNodeTypeLabel()

Q_INVOKABLE void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setNodeTypeLabel ( const QString &  label,
const QString &  nodeType 

NodeTypeLabel is the name displayed to the user as node type. By default the node's tag is used. Configuration is useful for cases when a more specific type name is preferred (e.g., instead of the generic "Create new SubjectHierarchy" option, a module can set up the widget to show "Create new Measurements"). If label is set to empty then the default label is used.

◆ setNodeTypes()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setNodeTypes ( const QStringList &  nodeTypes)

◆ setNoneDisplay()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setNoneDisplay ( const QString &  displayName)

Set the name of the "none" item.

See also
noneDisplay, noneDisplay()

◆ setNoneEnabled()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setNoneEnabled ( bool  enable)

Set whether the "none" item should be in the comboBox list or not.

See also
noneEnabled, noneEnabled()

◆ setRemoveEnabled()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setRemoveEnabled ( bool  enable)

◆ setRenameEnabled()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setRenameEnabled ( bool  enable)

◆ setSelectNodeUponCreation()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setSelectNodeUponCreation ( bool  value)

◆ setShowChildNodeTypes()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setShowChildNodeTypes ( bool  show)

This property controls whether subclasses of nodeType are hidden or not. If false, only the nodes of 'final' type is nodeType are displayed, if true, all the nodes deriving from nodeType are visible except for the ones of type hideChildNodeTypes. true by default.

Definition at line 415 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ setShowHidden()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setShowHidden ( bool  enable)

If a vtkMRMLNode has the property HideFromEditors set to true, bypass the property and show the node anyway.

Definition at line 403 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

◆ setSizeAdjustPolicy()

void qMRMLNodeComboBox::setSizeAdjustPolicy ( QComboBox::SizeAdjustPolicy  policy)

◆ showChildNodeTypes()

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::showChildNodeTypes ( ) const

◆ showHidden()

bool qMRMLNodeComboBox::showHidden ( ) const

◆ sizeAdjustPolicy()

QComboBox::SizeAdjustPolicy qMRMLNodeComboBox::sizeAdjustPolicy ( ) const
See also

◆ sortFilterProxyModel()

Q_INVOKABLE qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel* qMRMLNodeComboBox::sortFilterProxyModel ( ) const

Retrieve the sortFilterProxyModel used to filter/sort the nodes.

See also

Member Data Documentation

◆ d_ptr

QScopedPointer<qMRMLNodeComboBoxPrivate> qMRMLNodeComboBox::d_ptr

Definition at line 395 of file qMRMLNodeComboBox.h.

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