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AbstractScriptedSegmentEditorLabelEffect.AbstractScriptedSegmentEditorLabelEffect Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, scriptedEffect)
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def __init__ (self, scriptedEffect)
def rasToXy (self, ras, viewWidget)
def register (self)
def setWidgetMinMaxStepFromImageSpacing (self, spinbox, imageData)
def xyToIjk (self, xy, viewWidget, image, parentTransformNode=None)
def xyToRas (self, xy, viewWidget)
def xyzToIjk (self, xyz, viewWidget, image, parentTransformNode=None)
def xyzToRas (self, xyz, viewWidget)

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Detailed Description

Abstract scripted segment editor label effects for effects implemented in python

    1. Instantiation and registration
      Instantiate segment editor label effect adaptor class from
      module (e.g. from setup function), and set python source:
      > import qSlicerSegmentationsEditorEffectsPythonQt as effects
      > scriptedEffect = effects.qSlicerSegmentEditorScriptedLabelEffect(None)
      > scriptedEffect.setPythonSource(MyLabelEffect.filePath)
      Registration is automatic

    2. Call host C++ implementation using
      > self.scriptedEffect.functionName()

    2.a. Most frequently used such methods are:
      Parameter get/set: parameter, integerParameter, doubleParameter, setParameter
      Add options widget: addOptionsWidget
      Coordinate transforms: rasToXy, xyzToRas, xyToRas, xyzToIjk, xyToIjk
      Convenience getters: renderWindow, renderer, viewNode
      Geometry getters: imageToWorldMatrix (for volume node and for oriented image data with segmentation)

    2.b. Always call API functions (the ones that are defined in the adaptor
      class qSlicerSegmentEditorScriptedLabelEffect) using the adaptor accessor:
      > self.scriptedEffect.updateGUIFromMRML()

    An example for a generic effect is the DrawEffect

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def AbstractScriptedSegmentEditorLabelEffect.AbstractScriptedSegmentEditorLabelEffect.__init__ (   self,

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