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CSFLS Class Reference

#include <Modules/CLI/RobustStatisticsSegmenter/SFLS.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::list< NodeTypeCSFLSLayer
typedef vnl_vector_fixed< int, 3 > NodeType
typedef CSFLS Self

Public Member Functions


Public Attributes

CSFLSLayer m_ln1
CSFLSLayer m_ln2
CSFLSLayer m_lp1
CSFLSLayer m_lp2
CSFLSLayer m_lz

Detailed Description

Definition at line 10 of file SFLS.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ CSFLSLayer

typedef std::list<NodeType> CSFLS::CSFLSLayer

Definition at line 16 of file SFLS.h.

◆ NodeType

typedef vnl_vector_fixed<int, 3> CSFLS::NodeType

Definition at line 15 of file SFLS.h.

◆ Self

typedef CSFLS CSFLS::Self

Definition at line 13 of file SFLS.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Definition at line 21 of file SFLS.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_ln1

CSFLSLayer CSFLS::m_ln1

Definition at line 36 of file SFLS.h.

◆ m_ln2

CSFLSLayer CSFLS::m_ln2

Definition at line 37 of file SFLS.h.

◆ m_lp1

CSFLSLayer CSFLS::m_lp1

Definition at line 38 of file SFLS.h.

◆ m_lp2

CSFLSLayer CSFLS::m_lp2

Definition at line 39 of file SFLS.h.

◆ m_lz

CSFLSLayer CSFLS::m_lz

Definition at line 35 of file SFLS.h.

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