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SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, scriptedEffect)
def clone (self)
def createCursor (self, widget)
def getKernelSizePixel (self)
def helpText (self)
def icon (self)
def insideSurfaceModeToggled (self, toggled)
def medialSurfaceModeToggled (self, toggled)
def onApply (self)
def outsideSurfaceModeToggled (self, toggled)
def setMRMLDefaults (self)
def setupOptionsFrame (self)
def updateGUIFromMRML (self)
def updateMRMLFromGUI (self)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

This effect makes a segment hollow by replacing it with a shell at the segment boundary

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.__init__ (   self,

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Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.clone (   self)

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◆ createCursor()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.createCursor (   self,

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◆ getKernelSizePixel()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.getKernelSizePixel (   self)

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◆ helpText()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.helpText (   self)

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◆ icon()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.icon (   self)

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◆ insideSurfaceModeToggled()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.insideSurfaceModeToggled (   self,

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◆ medialSurfaceModeToggled()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.medialSurfaceModeToggled (   self,

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◆ onApply()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.onApply (   self)

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◆ outsideSurfaceModeToggled()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.outsideSurfaceModeToggled (   self,

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◆ setMRMLDefaults()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.setMRMLDefaults (   self)

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◆ setupOptionsFrame()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.setupOptionsFrame (   self)

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◆ updateGUIFromMRML()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.updateGUIFromMRML (   self)

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◆ updateMRMLFromGUI()

def SegmentEditorHollowEffect.SegmentEditorHollowEffect.updateMRMLFromGUI (   self)

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Member Data Documentation

◆ applyButton


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◆ insideSurfaceOptionRadioButton


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◆ kernelSizePixel


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◆ medialSurfaceOptionRadioButton


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◆ outsideSurfaceOptionRadioButton


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◆ shellThicknessMmLabel


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◆ shellThicknessMmSpinBox


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