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vtkAddonTestingUtilities.h File Reference
#include "vtkAddon.h"
#include "vtkAddonTestingUtilities.txx"
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VTK_ADDON_EXPORT bool vtkAddonTestingUtilities::CheckDoubleTolerance (int line, const std::string &description, double current, double expected, double tolerance)
VTK_ADDON_EXPORT bool vtkAddonTestingUtilities::CheckInt (int line, const std::string &description, int current, int expected)
VTK_ADDON_EXPORT bool vtkAddonTestingUtilities::CheckNotNull (int line, const std::string &description, const void *pointer)
VTK_ADDON_EXPORT bool vtkAddonTestingUtilities::CheckNull (int line, const std::string &description, const void *pointer)
VTK_ADDON_EXPORT bool vtkAddonTestingUtilities::CheckPointer (int line, const std::string &description, void *current, void *expected, bool errorIfDifferent=true)
VTK_ADDON_EXPORT bool vtkAddonTestingUtilities::CheckString (int line, const std::string &description, const char *current, const char *expected, bool errorIfDifferent=true)