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qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin Class Reference

Subject hierarchy view menu plugin. More...

#include <Modules/Loadable/SubjectHierarchy/Widgets/qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin.h>

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Public Types

typedef qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin Superclass
- Public Types inherited from qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin
enum  ActionSectionType {
  SectionTop = -400, SectionInteraction = -300, SectionComponent = -200, SectionNode = -100,
  SectionDefault = 0, SectionFolder = 100, SectionBottom = 200
typedef QObject Superclass

Public Member Functions

 qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin (QObject *parent=nullptr)
void showViewContextMenuActionsForItem (vtkIdType itemID, QVariantMap eventData) override
QList< QAction * > viewContextMenuActions () const override
 ~qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin
virtual bool addNodeToSubjectHierarchy (vtkMRMLNode *node, vtkIdType parentItemID)
virtual double canAddNodeToSubjectHierarchy (vtkMRMLNode *node, vtkIdType parentItemID=vtkMRMLSubjectHierarchyNode::INVALID_ITEM_ID) const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE bool canEditProperties (vtkIdType itemID)
 Returns true if the module can edit properties of this item using editProperties. More...
virtual Q_INVOKABLE double canOwnSubjectHierarchyItem (vtkIdType itemID) const
virtual double canReparentItemInsideSubjectHierarchy (vtkIdType itemID, vtkIdType parentItemID) const
virtual QString displayedItemName (vtkIdType itemID) const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void editProperties (vtkIdType itemID)
 Open module belonging to item and set inputs in opened module. More...
virtual Q_INVOKABLE QColor getDisplayColor (vtkIdType itemID, QMap< int, QVariant > &terminologyMetaData) const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE int getDisplayVisibility (vtkIdType itemID) const
virtual const QString helpText () const
 Get help text for plugin to be added in subject hierarchy module widget help box. More...
virtual QIcon icon (vtkIdType itemID)
Q_INVOKABLE bool isThisPluginOwnerOfItem (vtkIdType itemID) const
 Determines if the item is owned by this plugin. More...
virtual Q_INVOKABLE QList< QAction * > itemContextMenuActions () const
virtual QString name () const
 Get the name of the plugin. More...
 qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin (QObject *parent=nullptr)
virtual bool reparentItemInsideSubjectHierarchy (vtkIdType itemID, vtkIdType parentItemID)
virtual Q_INVOKABLE const QString roleForPlugin () const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE QList< QAction * > sceneContextMenuActions () const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void setDisplayColor (vtkIdType itemID, QColor color, QMap< int, QVariant > terminologyMetaData)
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void setDisplayVisibility (vtkIdType itemID, int visible)
 Set display visibility of an owned subject hierarchy item. More...
virtual void setName (QString name)
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void showContextMenuActionsForItem (vtkIdType itemID)
virtual bool showItemInView (vtkIdType itemID, vtkMRMLAbstractViewNode *viewNode, vtkIdList *allItemsToShow)
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void showVisibilityContextMenuActionsForItem (vtkIdType itemID)
virtual Q_INVOKABLE QString tooltip (vtkIdType itemID) const
 Generate tooltip for a owned subject hierarchy item. More...
virtual Q_INVOKABLE QList< QAction * > visibilityContextMenuActions () const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE QIcon visibilityIcon (int visible)
 Get visibility icon for a visibility state. More...
 ~qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin () override

Protected Slots

void centerThreeDView ()
void configureSliceViewAnnotationsAction ()
void fitSliceView ()
void maximizeView ()
void saveScreenshot ()
void setInteractionMode (int mode)
void setIntersectingSlicesHandlesVisible (bool)
void setIntersectingSlicesVisible (bool)
void toggleTiltLock ()

Protected Attributes

QScopedPointer< qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPluginPrivate > d_ptr
- Protected Attributes inherited from qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin
QString m_Name
 Name of the plugin. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin
QString name
- Signals inherited from qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin
void requestExpandItem (vtkIdType itemID)
 Signal requesting expanding of the subject hierarchy tree item belonging to an item. More...
void requestInvalidateFilter () const
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin
static Q_INVOKABLE void setActionPosition (QAction *action, int section, int weight=0, double weightAdjustment=0.0)
static Q_INVOKABLE qSlicerAbstractModuleWidgetswitchToModule (QString moduleName)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin
void hideAllContextMenuActions () const

Detailed Description

Subject hierarchy view menu plugin.

Adds menu items to the view context menu (when the user right-clicks in a slice or 3D view in an empty area).

Definition at line 40 of file qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin()

qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin ( QObject *  parent = nullptr)

◆ ~qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin()

qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::~qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ centerThreeDView

void qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::centerThreeDView ( )

◆ configureSliceViewAnnotationsAction

void qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::configureSliceViewAnnotationsAction ( )

◆ fitSliceView

void qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::fitSliceView ( )

◆ maximizeView

void qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::maximizeView ( )

◆ saveScreenshot

void qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::saveScreenshot ( )

◆ setInteractionMode

void qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::setInteractionMode ( int  mode)

◆ setIntersectingSlicesHandlesVisible

void qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::setIntersectingSlicesHandlesVisible ( bool  )

◆ setIntersectingSlicesVisible

void qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::setIntersectingSlicesVisible ( bool  )

◆ showViewContextMenuActionsForItem()

void qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::showViewContextMenuActionsForItem ( vtkIdType  itemID,
QVariantMap  eventData 

Show context menu actions valid for a given subject hierarchy item to be shown in the view.

itemIDSubject Hierarchy item to show the context menu items for
eventDataSupplementary data for the item that may be considered for the menu (sub-item ID, attribute, etc.)

Reimplemented from qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin.

◆ toggleTiltLock

void qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::toggleTiltLock ( )

◆ viewContextMenuActions()

QList<QAction*> qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::viewContextMenuActions ( ) const

Get view context menu item actions that are available when right-clicking an object in the views. These item context menu actions can be shown in the implementations of

See also

Reimplemented from qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin.

Member Data Documentation

◆ d_ptr

QScopedPointer<qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPluginPrivate> qSlicerSubjectHierarchyViewContextMenuPlugin::d_ptr

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