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qMRMLScreenShotDialog Class Reference

#include <Libs/MRML/Widgets/qMRMLScreenShotDialog.h>

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Public Types

typedef QDialog Superclass
enum  WidgetType {
  ThreeD = 0, Red = 1, Yellow = 2, Green = 3,
  FullLayout = 4


QString nameEdit
double scaleFactor
bool showScaleFactorSpinBox
WidgetType widgetType

Public Member Functions

QVariant data () const
QString description () const
vtkImageData * imageData () const
Q_INVOKABLE qMRMLLayoutManagerlayoutManager () const
QString nameEdit () const
 qMRMLScreenShotDialog (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
double scaleFactor () const
void setData (const QVariant &newData)
void setDescription (const QString &description)
void setImageData (vtkImageData *screenshot)
 set/return the image data of the screenshot More...
Q_INVOKABLE void setLayoutManager (qMRMLLayoutManager *newlayoutManager)
 Set/Get layout manager. More...
void setNameEdit (const QString &newName)
void setScaleFactor (const double &newScaleFactor)
void setShowScaleFactorSpinBox (const bool &state)
void setWidgetType (WidgetType newType)
bool showScaleFactorSpinBox () const
WidgetType widgetType () const
 ~qMRMLScreenShotDialog () override

Protected Slots

void grabScreenShot (int screenshotWindow)
void grabScreenShot ()
void resetDialog ()
 Reset the dialog. More...
void saveAs ()
 Present save as dialog to directly save image. More...
void setLastWidgetType (int id)

Protected Attributes

QScopedPointer< qMRMLScreenShotDialogPrivate > d_ptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file qMRMLScreenShotDialog.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass

Definition at line 46 of file qMRMLScreenShotDialog.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ WidgetType


Definition at line 48 of file qMRMLScreenShotDialog.h.

Property Documentation

◆ nameEdit

QString qMRMLScreenShotDialog::nameEdit

Definition at line 42 of file qMRMLScreenShotDialog.h.

◆ scaleFactor

double qMRMLScreenShotDialog::scaleFactor

Definition at line 43 of file qMRMLScreenShotDialog.h.

◆ showScaleFactorSpinBox

bool qMRMLScreenShotDialog::showScaleFactorSpinBox

Definition at line 44 of file qMRMLScreenShotDialog.h.

◆ widgetType

WidgetType qMRMLScreenShotDialog::widgetType

Definition at line 41 of file qMRMLScreenShotDialog.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ qMRMLScreenShotDialog()

qMRMLScreenShotDialog::qMRMLScreenShotDialog ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr)

◆ ~qMRMLScreenShotDialog()

qMRMLScreenShotDialog::~qMRMLScreenShotDialog ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ data()

QVariant qMRMLScreenShotDialog::data ( ) const

◆ description()

QString qMRMLScreenShotDialog::description ( ) const

◆ grabScreenShot [1/2]

void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::grabScreenShot ( int  screenshotWindow)

Grab a screenshot of the 3DView or any sliceView. The screenshotWindow is Red, Green, Yellow for a sliceView or empty for a ThreeDView

◆ grabScreenShot [2/2]

void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::grabScreenShot ( )

◆ imageData()

vtkImageData* qMRMLScreenShotDialog::imageData ( ) const

◆ layoutManager()

Q_INVOKABLE qMRMLLayoutManager* qMRMLScreenShotDialog::layoutManager ( ) const

◆ nameEdit()

QString qMRMLScreenShotDialog::nameEdit ( ) const

◆ resetDialog

void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::resetDialog ( )

Reset the dialog.

◆ saveAs

void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::saveAs ( )

Present save as dialog to directly save image.

◆ scaleFactor()

double qMRMLScreenShotDialog::scaleFactor ( ) const

◆ setData()

void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::setData ( const QVariant &  newData)

Setting the data prevent the dialog from automatically taking a screenshot each time the widgettype or scaleFactor is changed.

◆ setDescription()

void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::setDescription ( const QString &  description)

◆ setImageData()

void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::setImageData ( vtkImageData *  screenshot)

set/return the image data of the screenshot

◆ setLastWidgetType

void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::setLastWidgetType ( int  id)

◆ setLayoutManager()

Q_INVOKABLE void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::setLayoutManager ( qMRMLLayoutManager newlayoutManager)

Set/Get layout manager.

◆ setNameEdit()

void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::setNameEdit ( const QString &  newName)

◆ setScaleFactor()

void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::setScaleFactor ( const double &  newScaleFactor)

◆ setShowScaleFactorSpinBox()

void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::setShowScaleFactorSpinBox ( const bool &  state)

◆ setWidgetType()

void qMRMLScreenShotDialog::setWidgetType ( WidgetType  newType)

◆ showScaleFactorSpinBox()

bool qMRMLScreenShotDialog::showScaleFactorSpinBox ( ) const

◆ widgetType()

WidgetType qMRMLScreenShotDialog::widgetType ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ d_ptr

QScopedPointer<qMRMLScreenShotDialogPrivate> qMRMLScreenShotDialog::d_ptr

Definition at line 106 of file qMRMLScreenShotDialog.h.

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