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vtkFSSurfaceReader.h File Reference
#include "FreeSurferConfigure.h"
#include "vtkFreeSurferExport.h"
#include <vtkAbstractPolyDataReader.h>
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class  vtkFSSurfaceReader
 Read a surface file from Freesurfer tools. More...


#define FS_CALC_NORMALS   0
#define FS_DEBUG   0
 Prints debugging info. More...

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#define FS_CALC_NORMALS   0

This code can calc normals but it doesn't seem to do so very well (bug?) and vtkPolyDataNormals does it anyway.

Definition at line 24 of file vtkFSSurfaceReader.h.


#define FS_DEBUG   0

Prints debugging info.

Definition at line 20 of file vtkFSSurfaceReader.h.