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vtkFSIO.h File Reference
#include "vtkFreeSurferExport.h"
#include <vtk_zlib.h>
#include <cstdio>
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 Some IO functions for irregular FreeSurface files.


int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::ReadFloat (FILE *iFile, float &oFloat)
int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::ReadFloatZ (gzFile iFile, float &oFloat)
int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::ReadInt (FILE *iFile, int &oInt)
int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::ReadInt2 (FILE *iFile, int &oInt)
int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::ReadInt2Z (gzFile iFile, int &oInt)
int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::ReadInt3 (FILE *iFile, int &oInt)
int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::ReadInt3Z (gzFile iFile, int &oInt)
int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::ReadIntZ (gzFile iFile, int &oInt)
int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::ReadShort (FILE *iFile, short &oShort)
int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::ReadShortZ (gzFile iFile, short &oShort)
int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::WriteInt (FILE *iFile, int iInt)
 For testing purposes. More...
int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::WriteInt2 (FILE *iFile, int iInt)
int VTK_FreeSurfer_EXPORT vtkFSIO::WriteInt3 (FILE *iFile, int iInt)