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vtkFSSurfaceHelper Class Reference

Provides tools. More...

#include <Libs/FreeSurfer/vtkFSSurfaceHelper.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void ComputeTkRegVox2RASMatrix (double *spacing, int *dimensions, vtkMatrix4x4 *M)
 Convenience method to compute a volume's Vox2RAS-tkreg Matrix. More...
static vtkFSSurfaceHelperNew ()
static void TranslateFreeSurferRegistrationMatrixIntoSlicerRASToRASMatrix (double *V1Spacing, int *V1Dim, vtkMatrix4x4 *V1IJKToRASMatrix, double *V2Spacing, int *V2Dim, vtkMatrix4x4 *V2RASToIJKMatrix, vtkMatrix4x4 *FSRegistrationMatrix, vtkMatrix4x4 *RAS2RASMatrix)

Protected Member Functions

 vtkFSSurfaceHelper ()

Detailed Description

Provides tools.

Utility functions associated to FreeSurfer data.

Definition at line 23 of file vtkFSSurfaceHelper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ vtkFSSurfaceHelper()

vtkFSSurfaceHelper::vtkFSSurfaceHelper ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ComputeTkRegVox2RASMatrix()

static void vtkFSSurfaceHelper::ComputeTkRegVox2RASMatrix ( double *  spacing,
int *  dimensions,
vtkMatrix4x4 *  M 

Convenience method to compute a volume's Vox2RAS-tkreg Matrix.

◆ New()

static vtkFSSurfaceHelper* vtkFSSurfaceHelper::New ( )

◆ TranslateFreeSurferRegistrationMatrixIntoSlicerRASToRASMatrix()

static void vtkFSSurfaceHelper::TranslateFreeSurferRegistrationMatrixIntoSlicerRASToRASMatrix ( double *  V1Spacing,
int *  V1Dim,
vtkMatrix4x4 *  V1IJKToRASMatrix,
double *  V2Spacing,
int *  V2Dim,
vtkMatrix4x4 *  V2RASToIJKMatrix,
vtkMatrix4x4 *  FSRegistrationMatrix,
vtkMatrix4x4 *  RAS2RASMatrix 

Computes matrix we need to register V1Node to V2Node given the "register.dat" matrix from tkregister2 (FreeSurfer)

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