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qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget Class Reference

#include <Libs/MRML/Widgets/qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget.h>

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Public Types

enum  ControlMode { Auto = 0, Manual = 1, Off =2 }
typedef qMRMLVolumeWidget Superclass
 Constructors. More...
- Public Types inherited from qMRMLVolumeWidget
typedef QWidget Superclass
 Constructors. More...


int autoThreshold
double lowerThreshold
double upperThreshold

Public Slots

void setAutoThreshold (int autoThreshold)
 Set Auto/Manual mode. More...
void setLowerThreshold (double lowerThreshold)
Set lowerThreshold More...
void setThreshold (double lowerThreshold, double upperThreshold)
Set lowerThreshold/upperThreshold in once More...
void setUpperThreshold (double upperThreshold)
Set upperThreshold More...
- Public Slots inherited from qMRMLVolumeWidget
void setMRMLVolumeNode (vtkMRMLScalarVolumeNode *displayNode)
 Set the volume to observe. More...
void setMRMLVolumeNode (vtkMRMLNode *node)


void autoThresholdValueChanged (int value)
Signal sent if the auto/manual value is updated More...
void thresholdValuesChanged (double lowerThreshold, double upperThreshold)
Signal sent if the lowerThreshold/upperThreshold value is updated More...

Public Member Functions

ControlMode autoThreshold () const
bool isOff () const
 Is the thresholding activated. More...
double lowerThreshold () const
Get lowerThreshold More...
 qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
void setAutoThreshold (ControlMode autoWindowLevel)
double upperThreshold () const
Get upperThreshold More...
 ~qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from qMRMLVolumeWidget
vtkMRMLScalarVolumeNodemrmlVolumeNode () const
Return the current MRML node of interest More...
 qMRMLVolumeWidget (QWidget *parentWidget=nullptr)
 ~qMRMLVolumeWidget () override

Protected Member Functions

void setMaximum (double max)
void setMinimum (double min)
Set sliders range More...
void updateWidgetFromMRMLDisplayNode () override
 Update the widget from volume display node properties. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from qMRMLVolumeWidget
vtkMRMLScalarVolumeDisplayNodemrmlDisplayNode () const
 Return the volume display node. More...
 qMRMLVolumeWidget (qMRMLVolumeWidgetPrivate *ptr, QWidget *parentWidget=nullptr)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Slots inherited from qMRMLVolumeWidget
virtual void updateWidgetFromMRMLVolumeNode ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from qMRMLVolumeWidget
QScopedPointer< qMRMLVolumeWidgetPrivate > d_ptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass


Definition at line 35 of file qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ControlMode


Definition at line 39 of file qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget.h.

Property Documentation

◆ autoThreshold

int qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::autoThreshold

Definition at line 29 of file qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget.h.

◆ lowerThreshold

double qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::lowerThreshold

Definition at line 30 of file qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget.h.

◆ upperThreshold

double qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::upperThreshold

Definition at line 31 of file qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget()

qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr)

◆ ~qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget()

qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::~qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ autoThreshold()

ControlMode qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::autoThreshold ( ) const

◆ autoThresholdValueChanged

void qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::autoThresholdValueChanged ( int  value)

Signal sent if the auto/manual value is updated

◆ isOff()

bool qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::isOff ( ) const

Is the thresholding activated.

◆ lowerThreshold()

double qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::lowerThreshold ( ) const

Get lowerThreshold

◆ setAutoThreshold() [1/2]

void qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::setAutoThreshold ( ControlMode  autoWindowLevel)

◆ setAutoThreshold [2/2]

void qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::setAutoThreshold ( int  autoThreshold)

Set Auto/Manual mode.

◆ setLowerThreshold

void qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::setLowerThreshold ( double  lowerThreshold)

Set lowerThreshold

◆ setMaximum()

void qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::setMaximum ( double  max)

◆ setMinimum()

void qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::setMinimum ( double  min)

Set sliders range

◆ setThreshold

void qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::setThreshold ( double  lowerThreshold,
double  upperThreshold 

Set lowerThreshold/upperThreshold in once

◆ setUpperThreshold

void qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::setUpperThreshold ( double  upperThreshold)

Set upperThreshold

◆ thresholdValuesChanged

void qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::thresholdValuesChanged ( double  lowerThreshold,
double  upperThreshold 

Signal sent if the lowerThreshold/upperThreshold value is updated

◆ updateWidgetFromMRMLDisplayNode()

void qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::updateWidgetFromMRMLDisplayNode ( )

Update the widget from volume display node properties.

Reimplemented from qMRMLVolumeWidget.

◆ upperThreshold()

double qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget::upperThreshold ( ) const

Get upperThreshold

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