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AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, scriptedPlugin)
def canAddNodeToSubjectHierarchy (self, node, parentItemID)
def canOwnSubjectHierarchyItem (self, itemID)
def editProperties (self, itemID)
def getDisplayVisibility (self, itemID)
def helpText (self)
def icon (self, itemID)
def itemContextMenuActions (self)
def roleForPlugin (self)
def sceneContextMenuActions (self)
def setDisplayVisibility (self, itemID, visible)
def showContextMenuActionsForItem (self, itemID)
def tooltip (self, itemID)
def visibilityIcon (self, visible)

Static Public Attributes

 filePath = __file__

Detailed Description

Scripted subject hierarchy plugin for the Annotations module.

    This is also an example for scripted plugins, so includes all possible methods.
    The methods that are not needed (i.e. the default implementation in
    qSlicerSubjectHierarchyAbstractPlugin is satisfactory) can simply be
    omitted in plugins created based on this one.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.__init__ (   self,

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Member Function Documentation

◆ canAddNodeToSubjectHierarchy()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.canAddNodeToSubjectHierarchy (   self,

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◆ canOwnSubjectHierarchyItem()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.canOwnSubjectHierarchyItem (   self,

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◆ editProperties()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.editProperties (   self,

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◆ getDisplayVisibility()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.getDisplayVisibility (   self,

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◆ helpText()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.helpText (   self)

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◆ icon()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.icon (   self,

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◆ itemContextMenuActions()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.itemContextMenuActions (   self)

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◆ roleForPlugin()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.roleForPlugin (   self)

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◆ sceneContextMenuActions()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.sceneContextMenuActions (   self)

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◆ setDisplayVisibility()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.setDisplayVisibility (   self,

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◆ showContextMenuActionsForItem()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.showContextMenuActionsForItem (   self,

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◆ tooltip()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.tooltip (   self,

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◆ visibilityIcon()

def AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.visibilityIcon (   self,

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Member Data Documentation

◆ filePath

AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.AnnotationsSubjectHierarchyPlugin.filePath = __file__

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